Come and visit Chandpur.

I got on the launch from Sadarghat to Chandpur at 6 am yesterday. After a three-hour launch journey, I landed at Chandpur launch dock at 11 am. The launch call will charge 100 TK for all launches.
As soon as you come out of Chandpur launch ghat, you will see CNG and auto-rickshaw. Take a CNG or autorickshaw to the big station for 10 TK, drop off in front of the tourist center. The place is still under construction. But when it is over, it will be a fairly beautiful place. There you will find hotpot, blisters, eggs, wrappers for a light breakfast.




I ate turnips and eggs. A good place to hang out is the district tourist center. One and a half hours can be spent effortlessly.
But you have to get up and leave the chat because you have to go to the most beautiful place in Chandpur, cross the estuary of three rivers and go to the river bank. The beach is as good as the sea beach. And the boat trip is guaranteed to feel good.
Boat scaffolding up-down 50 rupees per person. (Reserve 500 TK)










Now your stomach will rumble. You would think that a lot of light breakfast was done, this time let’s have a little stomach fullness. Naturally go to the rice hotel. Go and get rice and fish. Hilsa fish fried and small fish curry of the river. Eat with potatoes and pulses. It would be great. One piece of fish will cost 60-70 rupees. 200-250 per person can eat quite well.
There were four of us, so I bought a hilsa weighing 800 grams for 450 rupees and fried it. If there are more people, you can try it.
After eating and drinking, go straight to the railway station, if you like to see the train, if you don’t like it, take a picture, hang out, it will be a good place.
It’s been a long time coming back, brother, because I remember we were coming on a short trip.









At present the launch is from 8 am and the next launch is at 8.20 am Sonartari.
Then from 8.00, 8.35, 9.15, 9.50, 10.50, 11.45 to 12.30 at night
Leave at the scheduled time.









Those who want to go in the morning and return in the afternoon can return to the launch at 3.40, 5.00, or 6.00 and 7.00 in the evening.
*** Launch chair rental – 150 TK
*** Single cabin – 400 TK
*** Double cabin – 600 TK.

Our per-person cost was 550 TK.



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