Come and visit Kalmakanda Patlaban village.

Patlaban is the village of Paharghesha in Rangchati union of Kalmakanda upazila. Variety in name is difference in name. Patlaban is a village in the natural cosmos of Meghalaya, India.

Patlaban is a mixture of natural forms of mountains, rivers and shelves. This place is still undiscovered as it is not visible through travel and broadcasting.
Every afternoon there is a crowd of thirsty people traveling on the green fields and shelves.

I have heard the name of Bichanakandi, I am mad at its beauty, but the appeal of Patlaban, the birthplace of Kalmakanda, is still more than any other place.





This village is a thin forest with uncultivated green fields, shelf and green paddy fields on the banks of the river Mahadeo which flows from the Meghalaya hills. Some hills on the Bangladesh side of the border have added a different dimension.

Indigenous Garos live next door. In the evening, the culture, customs and traditions of the tribals will introduce you to a different ethnicity. They live in the almost extinct Machang house above Tiller. This is their tradition of big stones and machang houses flowing from the hills to the river.




The unadulterated simplicity of the Garos, the silence of the mountains, the flow of the river, the swaying of the shelf and the countryside on both sides will make you talk with the chubby image.

The appearance of the thin forest changes with time and seasons. In the rainy season, the hill slope also overwhelms the water. And in the month of Baishakh, the river turns into a river. There is joy in bathing in the clear water flowing from the mountain springs. Where small fish play in the clear water. The fun of running is different. There is also the opportunity to take a short dinghy ride in the late afternoon.




Modern civic amenities such as electricity have not reached the area. Which means Ajpara village. But there is no shortage of natural free light air and more natural. But the thin forest illuminated by the light of modern education.

About 20-50 meritorious children came up from the lap of Patlaban and studied in different universities including Dhaka University and engaged in the service of the country from high positions in the country.






In addition, every year 2-5 students from here are admitted in different universities. It is said that this natural beauty is the biggest source of light here.

There are more places to see in the vicinity. Among them, Bhubaner Tila, Jaigirpara, Chand Saudagar’s Chandradinga, motor bike rides on the border road by the side of the hill, you can’t help but like Patlaban. So why are you late to enjoy the beauty of Patlaban, come anytime.

How to go:
Patlaban is a hilly village in Rangchati Union, Kalmakanda Upazila, bordering India, 40 km north of Netrokona district town.

From Dhaka by bus or train to Netrokona then by CNG or bus to Kalmakanda. You can even go directly to Baruakona market or directly to Patlaban.

Although the tourism system has not been developed locally in the upazila town of Kalmakanda. If it is formed, it will undoubtedly add a different dimension to the indigenous dance with Jochnabilas and Bar-B-Q by pitching a tent on the river bank in Mahadeo. But I always welcome you to my house.

Being on the border, the BGB and BSF have a strict guard all the time. So don’t forget to cross the border. Enjoy the beauty of nature in accordance with the law. Indigenous children usually think of strangers as their own at first, but tourists from far and wide will be fascinated by the hospitality. So let’s be careful. May the joyous journey be joyful.


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