Cox’s Bazar by river.

Annoyed to see Bichnakandi, Ratargul, Nafakum, and India Post. Let’s do something new, something new or different that may not have happened before. Let’s take a river tour from Cox’s Bazar and see some islands.










৤How to get there – Start from Sadarghat: Every day from here to Hatiyar launch at 5 pm and reach by 8 am. You can get the ship on the same day. If you have time in hand, you must see Hatiya that day. You can go to Nijhumdwip’s next gateway. The ship will probably leave Hatia Island at 10 am, get up early, it will take you straight to Chittagong in the middle of the sea before noon, you have to spend the night in Chittagong leaving a trawler at 7 am the next day for Kutubdia, from Chittagong Sadarghat. Get on the only trawler. Within 30 minutes of starting the trawler, You will start moving by sea, so keep going till 2 pm. You have a lot of the time, if you want, you can imagine that you are being trafficked to Malaysia or Myanmar because this is how people have trafficked along this route a few days ago. Anyway, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Kutubdia will slowly appear in front of your eyes. Get down to this beautiful island. There is a residential hotel of fair quality. You can rest after lunch and go to the only wind power station in the country (although damaged) I don’t know if it’s okay now. Then keep walking along the second largest beach in Bangladesh, take a deep breath, and enjoy the serenity and simple life of the people. You have to stay the night in Kutubdia, if you want you can see the light smile here. It’s best to ask someone to see what’s else on this beautiful island. You Must Catch The Trawler again at 9 am the next day. This time the journey is Maheshkhali, on the way you will taste fishing, salt farming, local people, take a look at all that you will get. The trawler will reach Maheshkhali Island by 2 pm. Go down and explore Maheshkhali and Sondia Island. If you get tired of traveling, go straight to Cox’s Bazar without getting off the trawler. And in this system, you can complete your journey from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by river or sea for only 2500-3000 TK.









Caution: The journey is a little time consuming and since it is a huge river and sea route, it is so risky. It takes a lot of patience and courage. With these two things you can get out, it can be one of the best experiences of life. I didn’t find anyone with me so I did the trip alone, I don’t know if this is the first time in Bangladesh but it seemed very easy to me.


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