Damtua spring is another name for hidden beauty.

At first we had a plan to go to Nafakhum, Amiyakhum but we were not allowed to go there so we left Chakraya. I planned to visit Damtua Jharna and Ali’s cave in 1 day. But in the morning it was not time to visit Ali’s cave due to the embarrassment of the car.
On 21-10-18 at around 8 am we went to the local car station for Alikadam from Chakaria and got in the car (local jeep). We got up at 8 am but left the car at 9 am. We could not rent a moon car as there were only 3 of us.
After reaching Alikadam, we rented a bike from there and went to Adupara (16 km). The winding roads and the view from both sides will captivate your mind.










I took a local guide from Adupara in search of Damtua waterfall. It took us 2:20 hours to go. On the way to Damtua, you will see the Bangjhiri spring.

Damtua Jharna is in one word extraordinary, incomparable. In the rainy season this fountain will become even more terrifying. If Jhiripath seems calm to us then, it will not be like this in the rainy season.






It was nice to see the local people fishing in the fountain.
Above all, the trip to Damtua Jharna was amazing.

How to get there: Chakraya from anywhere in the country; Alikadam;
Translations into Bishnupriya: Damtua fountain.

# Note: We picked up a lot of bottles, chips, packets of chocolates on the way back. Please don’t throw your food packets, bottles etc. anywhere.


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