Darjeeling Travel Trip Plan.

Shyamoli travels by bus from Dhaka at night to Burimari border in the morning. It will be 10/11 am to finish all the process of breakfast and immigration. After completing the immigration formalities at Chandrabanda on the other side, Shiliguri got on Shyamoli’s bus. Convert money or dollars to rupee at a government-approved dealer. Otherwise, the next redemption may be problematic.



From Chandrabanda to Mainaguri by bus to Siliguri Jeep Station in one and a half hours. From there, collect tickets for Tata Sumo or Commander Jeep to Darjeeling in two and a half hours. Darjeeling Mail from Kolkata Sealdah Railway Station at 6:15 pm. Tickets will be available at the Fairley Palace counter for tourists. New Jalpaiguri Station at 10 am the next day. From here take a rickshaw to Siliguri Jeep Station. Departs West Bengal State Transport from Kolkata at 4 pm or 7/8 pm and arrives in the morning. Thence to Darjeeling.



Where will you stay in Darjeeling?
The city of Darjeeling has all the quality hotels. If you don’t want to pay the rent, avoid the broker and fix the hotel yourself. But before you decide, find out about hot water and room heater arrangements and instant services including jeeps for traveling.



Food and chess in Darjeeling?
The hotel has all kinds of food including Bengali food. There is also a bed in the morning and an evening tea before dinner.



Where to visit Darjeeling?


1. Sleep at the highest railway station in the world.

2. Spectacular sunrise from the top of a mountain about 10,000 feet above sea level.

3. Spectacular sunrise from the 6,300-foot-high Tiger Hill to the top of Kanchenjunga.

4. The world-famous place of prayer is Sleep Monastery.

5. Beautiful monument Batasia Loop as pictured.

. The Darjeeling Zoo is famous for its extinct-almost-mountainous tigers.

. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, expedition education center in the mountains.

. Monument to Tenzing-Rock, the first Everest conqueror.

9. Just travel 18 km from one hill to another by car.

10. The wonderful experience of drinking the world-famous Black Tea in Happy Valley Tea Garden.

11. The Tibetan Self-Help Center is a war-torn refugee center.

12. Darjeeling Gorkha Stadium is about 600 feet high.

13. The Darjeeling Museum bearing the signature of the Nepali nation.

14. The world-famous Buddhist monastery is the Japanese Temple.

15. Ava Art Gallery is a famous artistic relic of the British-era government control center Council House Lal Kuthi.

16. Dirdaham Temple is a century-old temple.

16. Rock Garden and Gangamaya Park.

16. Himalayan daughter Kanchan-Jangha.

19. Endless fountains of water, Victoria Falls, and the culture of a civilized nation.





Shopping in Darjeeling
Among the purchasing power at Laden-La Road Market in Darjeeling are winter clothes, gloves, hats, mufflers, sweaters, leather jackets, Nepali shawls and saris, antiques, and gift items, leather suede, sunglasses. There is no fear of cheating. However, it is better not to buy shawls or saris from the traveling ferry. Shopping can also be done from Siliguri’s Bidhan Market to go or come.



Travel time in Darjeeling
Good for a trip to Darjeeling at the beginning or end of winter. In the monsoon season, there is a landslide in Darjeeling. She is not at risk in winter or summer. It is important to take warm clothes to avoid cold. If you move in consultation with the hotel authorities, there is no fear of being brokered or lost.



The total cost of traveling to Darjeeling

The maximum cost per person to stay, eat, and travel from Dhaka to Darjeeling can be TK 15,000 per person. The cost is lower with Burimari. Once in Kolkata, the cost will increase. Tourism companies do package tours.

Around Darjeeling

From Darjeeling, visit Mirik Lake and Pashupati Market in Nepal by jeep between 9 am and 5 pm. Siliguri after staying in Karshiang on the Darjeeling toy train at 10:15 am. You can return in 5 days from the day of departure. Mention the name of the land port while filling up the Indian visa application.


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