Darsbari Mosque.

Shunshan silence inside the mango orchard. A huge haunted installation in the middle. The collapsed roof is the open sky. Behind is a dead river. The name of the river is Pagla. On the other side is India’s Katatar.





In my opinion, this is the most underrated antiquity among all the antiquities in Bangladesh. In fact, this antiquity may not have been known as it is isolated from the main road and located inside the mango orchard near the Indian border.








Darsbari Mosque was established in 1469. After so many years, its structure still survives in glory. The name Darsbari is given by the famous archaeologist Cunningham. This means big madrasa. The naming is due to the proximity of a monastery-like learning center. I will write about Bihar one day.





Direct from Dhaka to Chapainawabganj, from there to Shibganj via Kansat



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