Date juice Date molasses and molasses.

Place of Origin Bangladesh,

Main ingredients Sugarcane juice, date juice, palm juice
Molasses is a sweet made from sugarcane or date juice. Molasses is also made from palm juice. Molasses is made by thickening the juice of sugarcane, dates and palm trees.





Sugarcane or date juice is first strained into a large open container Then it has to be burned in a big oven, in which the water part evaporates Gradually the color of the juice begins to turn red Molasses will finally be available This juice can be made into sugar without making molasses. Molasses is less sweet than sugar but more nutritious. When it is boiled twice for sugar, a little bit of bitter molasses falls in the dark. More often than not, sugar is extracted from black molds (Blackstrap molasses), which are rich in vitamins but are bitter and are usually fed to cows.





Different types of molasses

Suspended molasses

Valley molasses (Second molasses)

Blackstrap molasses

Nolen molasses (date molasses)

Patali molasses (frozen)

Method of serving

In Bangladesh, delicious snacks like pitha, payes etc. can be made with molasses. Molasses Sandesh is a very popular confectionery in this country.

Date juice

The juice collected from the date palm is quite sweet. Are collected in the winter. The juice is used to make cakes, molasses, etc. Molasses is made from date juice. Sweet national food. Made in winter and available all year round. Rich in minerals and nutrients.

Many people do not like to eat dates in Bangladesh as they do not have enough shells. The juice is the real attraction of the date palm. Juice collection starts from the third week of Ashwin month to the first week of Baishakh (second week of October to mid-April). If the weather is cold, the sky is cloudy and foggy, the juice is more and the taste is more. Poush-Magh month (December to January) so most juice is available. As the temperature rises, the amount and quality of the juice decreases.

Juice collection can be started from the age of 5 years. In addition to the age, area or soil type of the tree, it depends on the time of the season and the care of the plant. Male trees give more sap than female trees. Its juice is also sweeter than that of the female plant.


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