Daughter of the Sea Of Bangladesh.

In the southwest, Kuakata is called Sagarkanya(Daughter of the Sea) of Bangladesh. You can visit this beach which is a little over 13 km long now. Reporting in Details. As much as possible. Today, on the morning of October 1, 2017 I returned from Kuakata. So what I will tell you, they are the latest info.



#@How to Go?

The launch or bus can go as you wish.

If you goby launch  Deck rent is 200 TK per person. The rent of the cabin is 1200 TK. The launches started except at 7 pm. We went to Sundarbans 9. The service is good overall. Will arrive by 5 am. If you want at night, you can have dinner at lunch. It will cost 150 rupees per person. There are some more launches called MV Jamal 5, Prince Awlad. The service is good overall. The launch will drop you off at Patuakhali. You have to get down and take the auto to the Kuakata bus stand. The fare is 15-20 Tk per person. From there you can take a direct bus to Kuakata. Rent 140 TK. The whole bus will not leave until it is fully loaded. Syndicated. That’s how they control things. Looks like Dhaka’s local buses. If you are unlucky in the direct bus, it will take more than two and a half hours.



If you want, you can get on the Kalapara bus from there and get down under the Kalapara bridge. Rent 100 TK per person. From there you can go to Kuakata By Mahindra. The surrounding environment is beautiful. The road is slightly damaged. The rent is 50 TK per person. If you go dividedly like this, it will take 2 hours. The total cost is 150 TK per person.



There are several bus services including Kuakata Express, Eagle Paribahan, Hanif, Sakura, Survi, Abdullah Paribahan. Rents range from TK 500 to TK 600 per person. There are two-way buses to Mawa and Paturia. The rent also depends on these two sides. These buses are used to pulling at speed. Somewhat reckless. The seat is normally good. It will take you down to the crossroads just before Kuakata Beach.


# where to stay?



At the entrance of Kuakata, you will see Banani Palace, Tourist Hotel, Sea Queen, and several other hotels on both sides of the road. Hotel rent will fluctuate. You will also find many small hotels which are not very nice but overall good for 2/1 days’ stay. Double bedroom rent starts from Tk 2000. You can bargain for the price.


#What will You Eat?


There are several hotels on the street next to the bike stand at Kuakata Junction. In pure Bengali, it is called Bhater Hotel, Chaladia Hotel. But the food is shocking. The price is also relatively low. You will get everything from different types of fish and fish fillets to meat. The hotels are not good to see but the food is really good. I would recommend trying at least once. You can eat a full meal for 150 to 200 TK per person. The water test is a little different. Tubewell water. There is iron. Mineral General Water will also be available. Must try Green-coconut. 25-30 TK per piece.


#Where will you look Around?


The main attraction is Sea Beach. I’m saying it’s pretty dirty. Hard sand. But the appeal is the same. The crowd will get a little less if you move a little to the side of Main Beach. Security is fair. The salinity of the water is low. On the right-hand side of the beach you will find a small office with a tourist boat offer. The minimum rent is 250 TK. The four-hour trip will show some places, including the Red Crab Char, the Fatra Forest. There are also longer trips at higher prices. You can also see the Buddha Temple in the candy neighborhood. You can see Zhaoban. The roads are slightly broken. But the environment is really beautiful. If you go by bike, the package for tourist spots is 500 TK per person. Two on one bike. If you want, you can ride the bike normally. 20 per km per person. There is not much space to go to. However, the endpoint of the pitch road leading to the beach is more and more Amazing. You will never know when the time will pass while you are sitting on the slab.



its Time to Visit Kuakata  🙂
Happy Traveling 🙂


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