Deer Trail Kamaldah Travel.

Long ago, when there were more animals in these hilly areas of Sitakunda. Deer, wild boar, fox, guisap, and even big tiger were seen in this area from time to time. Now people are more unaware of it. It goes without saying that wild animals cannot be seen.


The name of this spring is Harin Mara Jharna because the deer that came to drink the water of the spring used to be hunted to get fad. Who knows how long ago the name was given!
There are two more fountains next to it. Hatubhanga and serpentine. And that snake waterfall is a little smaller than the other two. But even though he is small, he does not lack energy.
There are two more fountains above the serpentine waterfall, but I didn’t get up for the rain. I will go next time if I am lucky. I will go again, of course. This is the easiest but most beautiful trail I have ever seen.




If you are from Dhaka, go down to the small lotus market and take a straight walk to the left. Lake will get one. There is a road to the left of the lake, you can go there by boat again.
I would say go to the boat, it will take 50 TK to come and go. You will get a much more beautiful view than the hilly road. To save 50 rupees, getting a beautiful view would be a missed asshole. Crossing the lake by boat is a different feeling.
The trail starts as soon as you get off the boat, easily at once.
Hatubhanga, serpentine, and deer will fall one by one.
The broken knee is very big. The deer didn’t go down the fountain at once, it’s deep, I can’t swim.
When we started, there was no one, at 8 in the morning. It was raining. Try going at this time. The longer you wait, the more people will come. Many people were coming when we were backing at 11 o’clock.



The first time you can take a local as a guide, don’t take too much. If you give 200. No matter how easy the trail, how long the danger will come!
Safety comes first then budget traveling. They will get help in many things and they have local stories.
The cost was around TK1,200 for a comfortable meal at Bashbaria Beach. On the way, I got on the Starline bus in Feni. Rent AC 360 TK. From there take a local bus to Kamaldaha for 50 TK. Get on the bus of Chittagong. Back and do the same way.

(If you go very early in the morning, you will not find a boatman. We went and stood looking around. We did not get any response even after shouting loudly.
The boatman comes after the inspection. So it would be better to keep his number – Gias Majhi 01715-923698)



Going on the trail, I did not find any polythene, bottles or packets anywhere. Liked it so much. A very clean and beautiful trail. It is our responsibility to keep it beautiful. I don’t throw dirt wherever I go. Why only here, I keep everything clean. Be aware of yourself, help others to be.


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