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In November last year, I, my parents and my six-year-old younger sister visited these few places in India. The journey started on the 7th, our flight was at 4:10 pm. First we went from Dhaka to Kolkata, on another transit flight to Kolkata with an hour and a half break
We go to Delhi on the same day. The day we went was Diwali, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the lighting in Delhi that day. Leaving Delhi Airport at 9.30 pm Indian time. Before we left Bangladesh, we contacted a tour agency in Delhi
Anyway, they booked our hotel in Delhi in advance and arranged the airport shuttle. 10:30 pm on arrival at the hotel. After arriving, I freshened up, had dinner at the hotel that night and fell asleep.
We get up the next morning and have breakfast at the hotel, which is buffet breakfast (all hotels except Kolkata had free buffet breakfast, where English breakfast and Indian traditional breakfast were served). After breakfast, I asked the guy from the tour agency to come and see us
And he came and arranged a package for us. We move on to the next one based on the package.





-November – Breakfast at 10 am We go out to see Delhi. First we visit the famous Red Fort of India located in Delhi. Then we visited Rajghat, Chandni Chowk Market, Jumma Mosque, India Gate, President’s Building, Humayun’s Tomb, Padma Temple (Lotus Temple), Lakshi Narayan Temple.
In the afternoon we ate in Old Delhi and returned to the hotel at 6 pm. However, we did not enter the two temples, because there was a long line of checking for Diwali that day. There were also extra crowds in every place due to Diwali. At night I come to the hotel and go for a walk and there is a restaurant nearby
After dinner, I came to the hotel and fell asleep.







November – Breakfast in the morning and leave for Agra. Arrive in Agra at 2.30 pm. None of us ate lunch that day as we had breakfast on the break. After checking in at the hotel, I got a little fresh and went out to see Agra Fort. After visiting Agra Fort, I take a tour of the city of Agra, and from various local shops
Do light shopping. I went back to the hotel in the evening, ate dinner and fell asleep very early that day.

-November – I woke up very early in the morning. After breakfast I checked out of the hotel and went to see the Taj Mahal. Not to mention the feeling of seeing the Taj Mahal. We left the Taj Mahal and left for Jaipur at 9.30 am. On the way to Jaipur, Fatehpur Sikri Jame Mosque,
I visited Selim Chisti’s tomb, five palaces and other famous places. Arrived at Jaipur at 5:30 pm. I rested at the hotel that day, ate at the hotel at night and fell asleep.






-November – After breakfast I go out to see Jaipur. Jaipur is one of the most visited cities in India. In Jaipur, first visit Amber Fort, then one by one Nahagar Fort, Jaigrah Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar,
After lunch at Galta Temple, Hall Museum, Shish Mahal and Joy Mahal. Then in the late afternoon I rented a battery-powered roofed auto rickshaw and drove around Jaipur city and returned to the hotel in the evening. Freshen up at the hotel and go out again for shopping.
Jaipur is famous for jewelery and antique products. After shopping, I went back to the hotel at night, had dinner and fell asleep.

-November – After breakfast we leave for Jodhpur. Arrive at the hotel in Jodhpur at 6 pm. That day we stayed at the hotel without going anywhere else and ate dinner at the hotel.

-November – After breakfast I go out to visit Jodhpur. First go to Mehrang Fort which is one of the largest forts in India. I was most surprised to see this fort, for its craftsmanship and vastness. It is also located on a rocky hill, about 400 meters above the city.
We then visit the Clock Tower, Spice Market and Umed Bhavan Museum in Jodhpur (which is basically a palace and now a seven star hotel). The Umed Bhavan houses a collection of cars of several classic models from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Which is for car lovers
A kingdom of heaven. Returning to the hotel in the evening to freshen up, walk around the hotel at night and have dinner at a restaurant outside.

-November – After breakfast I left Jodhpur for Ajmer. Arrived in Ajmer at 2 pm. After checking in at the hotel, I freshened up and went to Ajmer Sharif and after visiting the Dargah there, I had lunch at a hotel outside the Dargah. And I go to Puskar after eating. Which is from Ajmer
Only 40 km away. Camel rides can be taken in Puskar and it is basically a whole dessert area. Come back to the hotel from Puskar in the evening. And at night I walked around the city of Ajmer, and came to the hotel after eating at a hotel outside.

November – Depart from Ajmer for Delhi. We left at 9 in the morning and reached Delhi in the evening. Freshened up that day, we ate dinner at the hotel and went to bed.

November – The area we grew up in Delhi is called Karalbagh. Most of the tourists come to this area. There are thousands of shops here for shopping. And the price for shopping is very reasonable. Good for shopping from Kolkata to Delhi. These two days we are just shopping
I do, and try the famous food items of Delhi. The sweet shop in Delhi is quite famous. There are many types of sweets available. So it is a paradise for confectioners


November – We leave Delhi for Kolkata on a 6 am flight. And arrived in Calcutta at 10 am. The package of the tour company was up to Delhi. I went down to Kolkata and went to Park Street area. And there the hotel just got up.

November – In Kolkata we mainly go for medical treatment. However, one by one we visit the famous places of Kolkata. Victoria Memorial, Rabindra Sarovar, Howrah Bridge and more famous places.

When I gave the names of the hotels where I was staying, maybe you will benefit.
Delhi-Hottel Paradise Inn (Movable)
Agra- Hotel Taj Villa (Five Star)
Jaipur- Hotel Rajputana Haveli (Three Star)
Jodhpur- Hotel Chandra Grand (Five Star)
Ajmer- Hotel Kc Inn (Three Star)
Kolkata-Hotel Shonargaw (Movable)
Delhi and Kolkata are very expensive cities so hotel rents are much higher in this city.

Everywhere except Kolkata we had a 24 hour car with us, which was included with the tour company’s package. So we didn’t have any problem with the hotels being a little far from the main city. And everywhere we travel by car, which comes to the airport before we leave Delhi.
We drove a total of about 1600 km. But the roads in India are much better and cleaner. So even though we made many journeys, we did not have any problem.

Food can be a big problem for many. Maximum hotels and restaurants in India will not easily get vegetarian i.e. fish or meat. And even if found, maybe that restaurant is far away from your hotel. So it can be a little troublesome. Since it is a long way from one place to another, we have some light snacks
Buy lots of fruits, juices and water. Don’t be stingy when buying fruits. Moreover, the restaurants in the places where the car will brake on the highway are very expensive. So if you can, try not to eat anything in those places, and ask for the price before playing.

We book all our air tickets from Bangladesh. The prize of the total ticket including the arrival and departure of 4 people is 93 thousand rupees. Since we go through tour agencies everywhere except Kolkata, we pay a total of Rs 72,000 for our hotel bills and car expenses.
The hotel in Kolkata charges Rs 3,000 per day. And we travel all the way to Kolkata through Uber. We often deduct a cost when traveling. Entry to tourist spots is free. If you enter as a foreigner, then maybe the entry fee in these places will be around 6/7 thousand rupees per person.
The cost of our tour without shopping and treatment is around 2 lakh 60 thousand rupees. Since it is a family tour, so with other tours
The calculation will not match. It is possible to reduce these costs a lot as needed.

One thing to keep in mind is that after going there and buying a tourist SIM, activating it is a lot of trouble. So roaming your SIM from here will be a lot of benefits.

This is a travel experience. Feel free to ask in the inbox if you have any questions or queries. And brother, since I am not a writer, there may be spelling mistakes.


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