Delhi brokers, be careful.

At Srinagar airport we were about 2 hours late, the plane was late and departed even later due to bad weather. This means that the Duronto Express is being missed in the evening, as there was a gap of 2:30 hours between the arrival of the plane in Delhi and the departure time of the train. Meanwhile, two months ago, I bought a ticket for Duronto Express for around 3000 rupees! But there is no point in thinking that.







Yet when the plane landed in the skies of Delhi below the airport, I could see the runway blurred. But the plane can’t land, because the weather below is bad, which is not clear from above. When the plane landed after 20 minutes in the sky, it had only 20 minutes left. But it will take at least 40 minutes to get to our station even if there is no traffic jam.

Knowing our condition, someone suggested that we take a taxi to the metro. Then you will save a lot of time to reach the station, at least in the evening the terrible traffic jam in Delhi can be avoided. While searching for the metro, I found out that it is not from this internal terminal, it is a 10 minute car or bus route from here. I got on the bus with my son’s mother and bags. Somehow he got up and left the bus. And after only 6 minutes of walking, they dropped us off at the metro station. There is a time of 12 minutes in hand, which means leaving Duronto Express from New Delhi station. I don’t know the train, but even if I lie, I keep my hope alive and look for inspiration to walk the rest of the way.









In the rush, the wrong ticket was cut in the metro instead of the train bus! What I realized when I entered the platform, returned the ticket again, the metro ticket was cut, I went downstairs and saw that there were three minutes left for the train to arrive, the time table of the adjacent train was constantly floating there. Exactly three minutes later the train arrived. We got up.

There are enough empty seats but everyone was standing there worried about missing the train and the tension of where to stay at night. After 25 minutes, the metro dropped off at Old Delhi, opposite the New Delhi station. I still have some false hopes in my chest if the train was one hour late? But no, he got out of the platform and asked the coolies to leave the train just 20 minutes ago at the right time!

Everyone was mentally prepared, but everyone broke down in an instant, mentally and physically. Everyone sat on top of the bag, in great depression, desperately upset. Seeing their condition, the brokers of Delhi found us and sat down. He started making various tricks about train tickets. There are confirmed tickets, for tomorrow, you have to pay only 500 rupees more, some are showing different temptations of train tickets with 400 rupees and some more than 300 rupees. Without them, there are no tickets for the next 7 days in Kolkata! Hearing this, the four of them became more confused! I told the brokers to find out the foreign quota on my own first, then think of other ideas. They said the Foreign Quota Office closes after 5pm and is closed on Fridays! However, I said I have not searched before.










I’m still silent. I asked them to sit with their bags in a corner where the whole CCTV footage was available. No one moved a hair until I came back from here. I bought them noodles and started walking towards the platform. I have Delhi brokers behind me. They are determined to cut our ticket anyway.

At the same time, there are three brokers in the back, one for the train ticket, one for the hotel and one will show us around Delhi tomorrow as well as take us to his taxi tonight and take no extra money for that. From the experience of the Delhi brokers a few times before, I went inside the platform like myself without any discussion with them, and after entering the platform, they went to work on their own!

After entering the platform number 17, I came to know that foreign tickets are given from platform number 1. 16 platforms at New Delhi station! Even if you walk very fast, it will take at least 20 minutes to get to platform number 18 to 1. So far I have been very tired of myself, it is more emotional than physical. You know, mental fatigue makes people weaker.

Anyway, I went to platform 1 and went to the foreign quota ticket office on the 2nd floor to find out. There are great, comfortable sofas and AC comforts there, I found out about it by looking for tickets, I can only give the correct ticket information by looking at everyone’s original passport! That means everyone has to come here. I don’t even have a mobile phone. I will ask others to bring their passports. I have the passports of three of us.

We have to run again on platforms 1 to 16. With two autos, we all turned around and went to platform number 1. Everyone was devastated when they entered the Foreign Quota office with their bags. Sitting in the arm of a soft sofa and AC, looking for a ticket, I found out that there are only four tickets, also two-tier, the fare is 4200 rupees! More than a plane. However, I cut immediately, since there is no other option then.

After cutting the ticket, everyone was a little relieved, then there is another job of finding a hotel. I left them there and went out, as the two families could not take such a hotel, so I found a lot and saved myself from the cycle of brokers, two rooms of a decent hotel to spend the night. Then at 11 o’clock at night. I went to the platform again to bring them.










The end is the story of a broken evening and a ruined night and deliverance from the Delhi brokers.

Lastly, to buy a train ticket in Delhi, you must first go to No. 1

On the platform, which is open 8/24 (seven days and 24 hours) do not go around the broker, find out for yourself first, then either you will fall into the trap of the agent or the broker. Because they will take the money, they will give the ticket, but they may not have the seat number which they have to wear with great embarrassment. Which we wore twice! There were tickets, but there were no seats, but tickets were cut with double the money!

So brothers and sisters who are going to India for the coming holidays and are thinking of traveling by train, if possible, book the tickets in advance and have enough time on hand. And very, very, very careful! Can be anywhere …

Brokers in Delhi … !!



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