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The Maldives has been known as a popular honeymoon destination for many years. Because this is how the tourism of this country has been developed. When I first started preparing to go to the Maldives I talked to those who had gone before and a few travel agencies. One thing I noticed is that everyone is talking about the island around 4-5 o’clock. I did a little research and saw that the number of island resorts in the country is over 1000. Most of the islands are privately owned island resorts. There are about 500 five star or higher rated resorts. What I understood is that people know the names of some of the resorts in Maldives because they have business deals with the agencies of our country. Such as Paradise Island, Sentara Rashfusi, Sunland, Funland. Not to mention that the experience of all those who have visited each resort is very good. So I’m not saying that if you go to these, something will be less. But my wife and I wanted the honeymoon story to be like ours. So before going, I did research on many resorts for several days. As far as I understand it is-





All resorts are almost the same in terms of infrastructure. One part of the resort is the most popular water villa, followed by the beach villa and the rest of the island villa. Everyone chooses Water Villa for their honeymoon. Although the basic structure is the same, architecturally every resort has its own uniqueness.
Each island also has some uniqueness. In the Maldives, a single atoll is formed with a number of islands. What else is our department like to say Atol. Each of these atolls again has some environmental peculiarities. For example, Atol is famous for diving/snorkeling, Ra Atol is known for Glowing Beach.




And all the different videos of the resort are available on their own website or YouTube. With all of this in mind, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to find an island resort of your choice based on user reviews.

We went to Kudafusi Island in Ra Atol. We were both fascinated while watching the video of this island. Then after seeing their reviews on different websites, I decided to organize everything as I like. This island seemed to be our own honeymoon story. That story no one has told before.

This time I will talk about booking. The peak time to visit Maldives is from November to February. Everything will cost a little more at this time. The off-season starts from May. So different types of offers are available in all the resorts. Costs can be greatly reduced by looking at the online weather forecast and adjusting the date by looking at the temperature and the possibility of rain.

Another problem can be booking yourself. The problem with booking from these places is that most credit card transactions in Bangladesh cannot be done for more than ০০ 300 at a time. BRAC Bank, EBL banks do not have this problem again. I just made a booking through a friend of mine living in America. This problem can be avoided by booking on the resort’s own website. Booking websites again have many attractive offers that are not available on the resort website. And of course it is better to book with three meals a day. Before finalizing the price that will be shown on the booking websites, you have to see what is included in it. Service charges, taxes and green taxes are not always shown in the beginning with these three extra charges. However, all resorts will have these three extra charges. So it is better to understand the cost and make the booking. Another extra charge is for island transport. You have to go by speed boat, sea plane / local plane across the island which has to be paid separately.

I hope this article will help enthusiasts to rethink their journey to the Maldives. Create your own travel story.

Of course, if you go around, you will show respect to the environment there. Don’t litter everywhere, don’t waste sea coral.
Source: Nazmus Sakib


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