Destination-Sajak Valley.

27 November 2017
# Day_1
Destination – Sajek Valley
By bus Rajshahi-Dhaka-Khagrachhari
# Day_2





From Khagrachhari by CNG to Dighinala, from there by direct moon car directly to Sajek Valley …
On the way to Sajek, the indigenous children were very friendly, everyone greeted them by shaking hands. Sajek’s path was very winding and bumpy but the experience was amazing. The cottages are standing on both sides in a beautiful way ….. Then I went to Sajek’s peak a little before evening after seeing Sajek’s hill all day, saying goodbye to Surya Mama and walking around Sajek at night …..




# Day_3
I went to the helipad before sunrise and from there I understood why Sajek is called Sarga in the clouds. Nature seems to have destroyed everything here. Seeing the outfit, let’s go to the next destination …
In a word, the time spent in Sajek was like a dream
Part of Sajek that I saw


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