Detail About Chittagong to Kaptai.

We went from Bahaddarhat. We fixed places like Sheikh Russell Park, Navy Camp and Zoom Restaurant for Kayaking.
At 8 in the morning, six of us reached the Bahaddarhat bus terminal. From there some direct buses leave for Litchi Bagan and Kaptai. If you go to Kaptai Lake, you must get on the bus of Kaptai. The rent will be 65 tk per person.







We get off at Rangunia Sheikh Russell Park before heading to Kaptai. After disembarking, I bought 6 tickets for only 23 tk per person. When it comes to inner beauty, it can be said to be quite beautiful. You must see their guide map while climbing up the sloping path. There are artificial islands, artificial lakes, artificial caves. Due to lack of time, we could not see the artificial cave.





Leaving Sheikh Russell Park, we decided to go to Navy Camp. There is some CNG outside Sheikh Russell Park. Navy will take you to the picnic spot. Reserve rent will be 200. Upon entering the Navy camp, the Navy soldiers working there will greet you and ask you to pick up a ticket from their counter. The tickets are only 20 tk. We took six tickets. An impossibly beautiful place to hang out. However, when it rains, the water of the lake will be cloudy, which you will not feel good at all. There are also some paddle boats. Takes 300 per hour. I didn’t use the paddle boat thinking we would be kayaking. We reach the opposite side of the ghat (where there is a road in the middle) through the ghat where the paddle boats are. Then go up the stairs further. In the sunny environment, you can see the whole lake from there. The lake usually looks different in different climates. One way in winter, one way in summer and another way in rainy season. In winter the water of the lake turns blue like the water of the sea, in summer the water turns green and in rainy season the water turns cloudy and muddy. You’ll have the best fun in the winter … We did some photoshoots there. Then I decided to leave the camp for food.





Those who go for food from the camp must go to Nayabazar. If you stand on the road of the camp for a while, you will get empty CNG. CNG fare reserve 100 tk. We took 120 tk to be 6 people. After getting off at the CNG station in Nayabazar, you will see many food hotels. You will find fairly tasty food here. We ate at the “Noakhali Rice House” shop. But the rice was boiled rice. Curry is available in almost all items. We ate raw fish and dried wild fish. 40 per plate. I have seldom eaten such raw fish and dried wild fish. We ate a total of 6 people on an empty stomach. The actual bill is only 390 tk.


We decided to go to Nayabazar from Nayabazar after lunch. You can also take CNG from there, the rent reserve is also 100 tk. However, we got a moving bus, and with that, we rented a Zoom restaurant for only 10 tk per person. Zoom restaurant authorities usually charge an entry fee of Rs 20 per person. But they didn’t want that from us.





What I basically performed this tour for was now going to get that. I went to the Zoom restaurant counter and asked them to give us 3 kayaking boats. He said 200 tk per hour. But I have heard that these take 300 tk per hour. 100 tk decreased? I saw another kayaking boat dock next to them. The other side was supervised by other public. I asked, “I think the next door takes 300, why are you taking less?” I thought there might be a difference between the boats. So I checked the boats at both the wharves and saw that all the boats were the same size but the jackets and boats of 200 tk looked more new. We took 3 boats for 7 people with 600 rupees. They also entered the names, phone numbers and addresses of 3 of our 3 boats. We packed our mobiles, money bags, cameras in a polythene bag and deposited them in their restaurant. We went downstairs, down there is a boat master. He will teach you everything. Then teach the life jacket. Even if you know how to swim, don’t forget to decide not to wear a life jacket because (God forbid) wearing a life jacket will save you less energy while swimming and without it you will be energized in 10 minutes and drown. So if the life jacket is worn, at least there is no possibility of drowning.





The boat master forgot to tell us this technique before landing. Which is why we were just bothering here and there. Note that if the boat moves to the left, the boat will turn to the right, and to the right, the boat will turn to the left. But if you want to take the boat straight along the boitha, you will drive to the left, and the person behind you will drive to the right. The boat must move forward as the approach to the left and right is the same. He did not say that two people can sit in small boats. And if you want to take a picture in the middle of the river, you must take a selfie stick, it will make you feel good to take pictures from different angles, it is better not to take a DSLR. When the time is up, they will call you from the counter, but we will be 20 minutes late to return, but they have not demanded any extra charge for this. We felt very good getting this service from the fairly Zoom Panorama restaurant. The time is 5 pm …
#Home_back: We exit the Zoom restaurant. Here you can also get on a moving bus and reach Direct City, but in this case, you are more likely not to get a seat. So intelligent

If you can get to the litchi garden bus station by CNG. We did so. With reserve 120 tk (5 people 100) from Zoom Restaurant, we reach Lichu Bagan bus stand. After a light breakfast there, we boarded a bus for the city. The bus fare from Litchi Bagan will be 45 rupees per person. We reached Bahaddarhat terminal at 8 pm after about two and a half hours as the roads were somewhat obstructed.

# Costs: We didn’t spend too much. We 6 people budgeted a total of 3000 thousand tk, 500 per person. But I calculated that we have spent only 450 tk in all.
# Caution: No matter what paddle boat or kayaking boat you ride in Navy camp, you must wear a life jacket, follow the so-called rules and regulations, it is your common duty to keep the natural environment beautiful and clean, so don’t litter anywhere.


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