Detailed information about Sonali Rajasthan’s travels.

Jaisalmer – The Golden City. Because the color of all the houses here is Sonali, the last city of India before the Pakistan border at the very end of Rajasthan is called Jaisalmer. Situated in a deserted city, the fort is the only living fort in India. About 25 percent of the city’s population lives in the fort. This fort is mentioned in Satyajit Ray’s novel “Golden Fortress”. The 600-year-old fort is still alive. The city stands at the foot of the yellow sandstone, and is crowned by the castle of ancient Jeslemer. The fort has a royal palace and various jinn temples. Both the castle and the stone house and the town below many of the temples are built of humble belt stone. The city is the heart of the Thar Desert (The Great Indian Desert) and has a total population, including 78,000 inhabitants of the fort.






Ways to go and return:
To go to Jaisalmer, you must first go to Calcutta. There are many ways you can go to Jaisalmer from Kolkata.
1. By train directly from Kolkata Howrah. The train goes to Jaisalmer only at 6.15 am on Monday. It will take 40 hours to reach Jaisalmer. The fare will be Rs 75 for sleeper and Rs 2065 for AC.
2. From Kolkata to Delhi. There are daily trains from Kolkata to Delhi all day long. From Kolkata to Delhi you can go for between Rs.600 to Rs.3000. The time it will take 16-28 hours will depend on which train you are going on. Two trains from Old Delhi go to Jaisalmer every day. One at 4.30am and another at 5.30pm. The fare will be Rs 440 for sleeper and Rs 1200 for AC. It will take about 19-20 hours.
3. By plane from Kolkata to Jaipur. The fare will be one way 3000-4500 rupees. From there by bus or train to Jaisalmer. The bus fare will be 800-1200 rupees and it will take 11-12 hours to go. You can also go by train, the fare will be 350-920 rupees.
So it is best to take a direct train from Kolkata to Jaisalmer. If you visit Jaipur-Ajmer-Udaipur-Jodhpur, then Jaipur will be better. I went all out. My train was from Guwahati to Jaipur. Because I entered through Dauki and went around for a few days, then to Assam and then to Jaipur.
The return train from Jaisalmer left Howrah at 1pm on Thursday.






Stay and eat:
I reached Jaisalmer and now I have to find a place to stay. You will go directly to the Fort area of ​​Jaisalmer. All hotels, hostels here. The dorm of the hotel I was in is the best drum in my life at low cost. Because seeing the white view of the dorm will make anyone’s head spin. Because Jaisalam’s fort with Saad. It was different to see the fort lying in the white bed at night and enjoy the air. And that was the day of Eid al-Adha. Anyway the rent was 50 rupees. But I think I drank cold filtered water for more than 200 rupees a day.
You can stay in any quality hotel if you want. The craftsmanship of all the hotels is very beautiful. If you see it, your life will be covered. And there are chess arrangements to eat in and around the hotel. It is better to eat in the market area of ​​Jaisalmer. There are many, many kinds of local food.






Places of interest around the city:
Jaisalmer Fort: This fort was built around 1156. Rajput Rao Jaisal built his empire on this Trikut hill. Since then, the Rajputs have been living here for generations, and there are locals. Inside the fort, the daily household of the people is running here. The merchants are sitting here with beautiful goods. The emperors of this empire used to live here at this time. Puri. Rajmahal was also attacked. Then Purnari chose voluntary death. The princesses committed suicide together before death was humiliated by the enemy. Nine years later, the fort was recaptured by the Rajputs. 200 years later, the fort was attacked again by the Mughal emperor Humayun. What a wonderful work of art. The whole city of Jaisalmer can be seen from this fort.

Gadi Sagar Lake: A man-made reservoir of Jesalmar, one of the most important attractions in Rajasthan. This beautiful tank, southeast of the city walls, was Jaisalmer’s vital water supply until 1965 and due to its importance it was surrounded by many small temples and shrines. This tank was built by Maharawal Gadsi Singh in 1367, taking advantage of the natural landing that has already retained some water. In winter it is a waterfall favorite, but can dry out almost before the rains.

Patwan Ki Haveli: Patwan G Ki Haveli is an interesting part of architecture and is one of the most important mansions in Jaisalmer. This is due to exactly two reasons, firstly it is in the first district Jailemar and secondly, it is not a single mansion, but a cluster of 5 smaller mansions. The first of these mansions was commissioned and built in 1805 by Guananchand Patwar and is the largest and most spectacular. Patwa is believed to have been a wealthy man and a famous businessman of his time. He could afford it and thus ordered to create a separate story for each of his 5 children. This is done over a period of 50 years. All five houses were built in the first 60 years of the 19th century.

Salim Singh Ki Haveli: Built by Salim Singh, the Prime Minister of the state in 1815, when Jaisalmer was the capital. This palace is made of cement and mortar

Ra did not – the stones are attached to strong iron rods.
This palace is famous for its unique architecture, as it has 38 beautifully designed balconies. The architecture of this palace is inspired by the peacock. One of the most ambitious constructions of his time, Haveli is so magnificent, that even the envy of the ruler of his era is invited.

Bada Bagh: Located 6 km away from the city of Jaisalmer, Bagh is a beautiful place that houses various cenotaphs of the royal family from the 16th to the 20th century. It also maintains other attractions such as a garden, a tank, a dam and a Govardon pillar (pillar). The Bada Bug is a huge dam, a tank and a group of orbits around it. Maharaja Joy Singh Jr. built a cosmic dam in this kingdom in the 16th century. The main attractions in this place are the Sanotofs built for the royalty, starting with Maharaja Joy Singh. The last voice was built for Maharaja Jawahar Singh and remains incomplete. The local architectural style, locally known as Chhatris, is a major attraction for tourists from all over the country for its beautiful architecture and intricate covering.

Immortal Sea Lake:
The Immortal Sea is a small and beautiful lake and it is located next to a 17th century palace. The palace was built by Maharawal Akhaiya Singh in honor of his predecessor Amar Singh. Next to the palace is a large staircase pavilion leading to Amar Sagar Lake. This mansion is built in the pattern of apartments. The Immortal Sea is a five story high mansion and famous for its murals.
You can see the lake on the way back or from Bada Bagh. I have a lot of memories associated with this lake. I lost two very valuable things.

I rented a motorbike and drove around town. Rent for 1 day is 500-1000 rupees depending on which bike you take. Scooty 300-400 rupees. The oil is different to take your own. If you want, you can rent a car or auto or take a package from the hotel.

Desert / Thar:
The main attraction of Jaisalmer is the desert or the Thar desert. Located 42 kilometers from the town of Jesalmar, Sam Sand Dunes. Definitely the best recommended place in Jesalmar. The far-reaching smoke of the sunset, the camel ride with the warm thorns, and the smallest horizons of the sunset throw together into a delightful hunterscape. Don’t miss the rural and earthy music and folk dances of the graphics depicting the rural culture of the Rajasthani people.
You can camp here at night and stay in the desert. There are many resorts here. You can also do jeep safari and get up safari. And you will see sunset and sunrise in the desert. This will be one of the most beautiful moments of your life.
You can bring the package from the hotel or from outside. It can be up to 1500-5000 depending on what you do.



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