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# I have tried to write more about Taiwan, so it has become too big! Sorry to bother you! And since I am not in the country, I do not know the information about Taiwan visa from the country! Information may be wrong, I’m sorry for that too!





Taiwan is a flower combo package, everything exists in this small country except the desert! I could explain how diverse this country is if I could write well! I spent only 7 days in Taiwan, maybe I will go again if I get the chance, but I have to go again because of regret! Favorite yushan and zhuilu old trail could not go!





The Chinese New Year holiday in Korea, Zhuilu old trail is on my mind thinking about where to go! This trail is one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan, but to get here you need an advance permit! In many places in Taiwan, the rule is “no permit no hiking”. It takes joss, it will reduce the pressure on the environment, and those who can go around will be able to see nature with satisfaction! I took the permit online without hesitation! But I could not go there anymore!






Address to apply online for various trail permits in Taiwan: –

After getting the visa in Yajna, I bought a ticket to China Eastern! It takes only 2 hours to go from Seoul to Taipei, but due to transit in China, the fair took time! Of course, I saw Nanjing with free transit! After finishing the transit, I left for Taipei Taoyuan Airport. The airport is huge in size and beautiful to look at! I took the train from the airport to Taipei main station, my hotel is in the same place! Almost everyone here understands Tuktak English so I didn’t have to worry so much! I went to the hotel at 12 o’clock at night! Didn’t come out anymore!

But the journey started in the morning, the city of Taipei didn’t feel new for a moment! It felt like I was in Seoul! The streets, the shops, the bus-train are all like Korea! But the looks are not the same, now I can easily tell the difference! They are very friendly people! I thought it would be very cold! Of course it wasn’t a problem, I live in a winter country! The average temperature in Taiwan is like 15 degrees! But in places like Yushan, Hehuanshan, Taroko after a lot of winter, snow and even in those areas! The worst time to visit Taiwan is July -October (this is the time when typhoons hit) Taiwan is always a typhoon!






I spent 7 days touring in different mountainous areas in Taiwan! I was in town! There are more than 300 meters above sea level in Taiwan, including Jade Mountain at a maximum altitude of 3952 meters. There are more than 60% of the total land area here! But the best thing is The thing is, they haven’t motifized their hilly areas too much! There are a lot of places the way those places originated! That’s a good thing too, let nature live like that!

*** I tried to share the way we were in Taiwan!






1: -yangmingshan, elephant mountain, city tour: –

Located 1 hour from the city of Taipei
Youngminshan Park! I was alone that day, but I met a Dutch companion on the street! (This trail will take about 5-6 hours) There are many wild hot springs available here! Artificial hot springs are good at all!
If you go in the hot season, you can take a bath! You can come here even if you want to see the smoke go straight from the ground!

You can get here by taking the bus number 260 from taipei main station and getting off at the last stop!

Return to the National Museum place, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall! You can also visit the Taipei Grand Masque (the architecture of the mosque is unique).

In the evening you can try elephant mountain! This trail located in the middle of Taipei city has a good view at night, people are always here! We went around 10 pm! 20-40 minutes hiking from this 183 meter high hill to Taipei city including Taipei 101 The look of the tower can be seen! The nearest mrt station is xiangshan station!

2: -chiayi city, alishan, sun moon lake, double dragon waterfall: –




We lost a lot of time on the second day due to lack of proper planning! We have to go from taipei main station to chaiyi station first! Local train fare was 49৬td and it took about 4 hours, bullet train fare was 1048td and it took only 1 hour!
If one goes in the morning, take the first train (bullet train), go at night, take the last train (local train), go to chaiyi, rent a bike, take a short city tour and take bus 6322 from chiayi bus stop.
You can go directly to alishan hub (last bus at 2.05 pm) alishan is a very popular spot for sunrise!

The whole 3 hour road was very winding, in some places it turned 360!! This road is about 2400 meters above sea level! If the weather is good you can see the mountain view through the bus window! After going there you can enter the park with 150td entry fee You can! The hotel you are staying in will tell you what to do next! In this area you will see mountain trails, forests, fountains, temples, thousand year old trees! And here you will always find clouds like our Sajek!


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