Dhaka, Jhalokati, Barisal Trip – 2017.

The first purpose of going to Jhalokati was Vimruli. Floating market. But winter + some reasons could not go. Another purpose was the home of relatives. I left Sadarghat for Sundarbans – at 12 o’clock. As a result of fog at night, the launch ghat was given a little before 8 o’clock. The whole day went to rest: 3
On the last day of the test, I woke up at the launch. There was no sleep for a few days during the test. I had a monkey friend with me again. Since Vimruli can’t go around. I walked around Gabkhan Bridge. On the way you will see a narrow path surrounded by innumerable trees. Gabkhan is the highest bridge in Bangladesh. In fact, it will take about 30 minutes to walk to Gabkhan. You can get in the auto. I really got the thing above Gabkhan and realized that it is the highest bridge. Various launches and freight ships were constantly going through the bottom. There are small boats with it. You can hold the branches of 100/150 years old plants with your hands. That’s a great feeling. I came home at the end of the day. By the road, the meat chop is very famous here. Bowl 20 rupees. Chop + boot pulse. Chop price 5/10 TK.










The day went on. The morning started with patriotic songs. Victory Day. Everyone knows the history. I didn’t just make the post bigger. The event is being held at Jhalokati Stadium. Many people, big and small, danced. The song was sung. Not real. Flags are flying in front of all the shops. Even on the roof of the house. Ah, it was great. I started the journey, the purpose is Barisal. It took time to go by bus for 40 minutes at a fare of 30 rupees. I went to Barisal and got off at Rupatli bus stop. I took an auto. The route is Barisal University on the Barisal-Bhola route. The campus consists of 50 acres of land. Its construction work was completed in 2011 and educational activities started from 2012. It is the first public university in Barisal and the 33rd in the country. Its budget was 99.997M. The figure is not so large as the others: p. Campus with 50 acres of land + surrounded by beautiful greenery. A huge river in front. Who would want to come here or not. A captivating environment







From there I took the auto to Rupatli and then to Natullabad. From Rupatli to Natullabad 10 rupees per person in auto or Mahendra. From Natullabad I got on Mahendra again. The purpose is Guthia Mosque this time. It is located in Guthia. It will take 40/50 minutes to go to Mahendra. Rent will be 30 rupees. I went there on 16th December. Let’s see if it was established on 16th December 2003. If you don’t know what beauty is, then come here. Understand. It consists of 14 acres of land where our national mosque consists of 7.30 acres. Huge place. On this 14 acres of land you can see a mosque, a huge Eidgah, 3 lakes, a madrasa, a grave and an orphanage. It is also known as a tourist spot. It cost 200M BDT to build. This mosque made of white marble stone is worth mentioning.










From there I came to Aslam Natullabad again. I ate Nazim’s biryani on Bogra Road. This is the most joss place in Barisal for biryani. I didn’t get upset. From there I went to Bibi’s pond. Located inside the city. It is the most famous and ancient little pond in Barisal. The condition of this 200 year old pond is not so good. That dirty water. From there I went to Muktijoddha Park. It is located near the launch ghat. It is a good place. It is standard as a park. Ahamri nothing.

This was the story of Barisal travel 2017. I don’t know if I missed it somewhere. Maybe I’ll come back again to hear the language of the people here and see the samples of their hospitality once again. I realized that the number of good people in the country has not decreased yet. The only floating market in Bangladesh. Since I could not go, I could not give any info. Sorry.


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