Do you know the story of the monk king?

During the British rule, the king of the largest kingdom in East Bengal died as a victim of the queen’s extramarital affair. Then, a decade later, the dead king returned in the guise of a monk, fought a legal battle for more than a century, and finally regained his zamindari.




Nah, I’m not telling the story of the famous actor Uttam Kumar’s film “Sannyasi Raja”, but the thrilling real story of Bhawal Raja of Joydebpur in the shadow of which the film was based.

There are still traces of the kingdom scattered all over Joydebpur, the palace of the then Bhawal kings which is now being used as the office of the Deputy Commissioner is the largest palace after the Nawab State of Dhaka in detail and part of the crematorium of the kings you can see in the picture.





From time to time you can come to this historic town of Gazipur near Dhaka, walk along the path of history and get lost in the lost glory of Bhawal kings for some time.

How to get there: You can get CNG directly from Dhaka to Gazipur crossroads by road (fare 15-20 Taka). If you want to come by train, you have to get off at Joydebpur station and take a rickshaw (fare 10 taka) Shanshanghat rickshaw from Rajbari will take 15-20 TK





Those who want to do a day tour from Dhaka can have Bangabandhu Safari Park, Nuhashpalli, National Park at the same time in the plan. You can come back to Dhaka in the morning after a nice day tour


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