Dream Holiday Park Review.

Many people look for a place to come in a day. I was also looking but did not find any details about this park.

It feels pretty good to be inside the park. The environment is beautiful, tidy, and clean. There are many good places to take pictures. There is also a tent for sitting, and there are shops for chips, juices, and ice cream. There are a mother’s room and several toilet facilities. There are several lakes, boating facilities which are quite refreshing. Perfect for having a great time with family.



Now let’s talk about rides.
I’m deposed. They include 25 rides in the package. But each ride ends within 1 minute of starting. It ends before anything is understood. It feels very bad then. All are in the same condition except 2/1. For example haunted house, roller coaster, train …
Water Park:


The Fantasy Kingdom and Nandan Park are relatively small, rides, and less. There was no staff on the rides or water slippers. D.J. Its mixing tao is also quite weak. The waves in the wave pool weren’t bad though. I didn’t like the changing facility and the washing area either. It would have been better if the security was a little more. But the locker facility was good, there is a lot of space in the locker. And the pool water was not dirty.




As I said before, there are several shops selling various necessities including snacks and toys. Prices are usually a little higher, but I find the set menus at lunch restaurants reasonable and tasty.

All Park seems very suitable for children because there are 3-4 play zones with swings and slippers. There are also various fun rides for kids. It will be fun to see there are some interesting statues. There are many places to run.

Let me give you a little idea about the price
1. Admission price is big = 300 TK
2. Small entrance fee = TK. 200 (3-6 years)
3. Water park = 300 TK (12 noon to 4 pm)
* Locker fee = 50-300 TK
* Car parking = 50-100 TK
* Open 7 days a week
* Outside food is prohibited
* There are 30 rides
* Ride costs 50-100TK
*** Our packages-
2 person package = 2500 TK
Package for 4 people = 4500 TK
(Food, 9D Movie, Family Boat not included in the package)

How did I go?


BRTC’s AC bus from Kuril will drop off at the gate of the park at a ticket of 110 TK. It took 1 hour.
BRTC AC bus counter by rickshaw when you arrive, you can take it. I went down to Kurile and called Uber and came home.

Everyone will try not to pollute the environment while traveling. I will throw dirt in certain places. Because none of us would like to go around in a dirty environment !!


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