Dreamy Blue Island Maldives.

The beach area is always hot, so November to March is the perfect time to visit the Maldives. This time the weather is perfect. Blue sky and raft of clouds like autumn





How to go to Visa and Immigration:
There are no direct flights to Maldives, you have to transit to Sri Lanka. 45,000 / – up and down 1 person in SriLankan Air. But if you can get a ticket 2 months in advance.
On Arrival in Maldives gives 30 day visa. You can fill out an immigration card while on the flight.
👉🏻👉🏻Of course, a copy of the hotel booking must be shown at the time of immigration. Otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. Because a lot of Bangladeshis stay on tourist visas.
Of course, plan in such a way that you don’t have to stay in the Maldives on Friday and Saturday, because Friday is their weekly holiday. And shopping malls, shops, even public ferries are closed. So try not to make the plan on weekends.






Everything in the Maldives is taxed at 25%.
We were in Male on the 1st night, in Mahfusi on the 2nd and 3rd night, in Hulhumale on the 4th and 5th night. I also went to Adaran Island on a 1 day full day trip. And on the island of Villingili.
I was in Melrose at the Male City Hotel in Male.
Queen Bed –  60 per night.
I was at Hotel Sunrise in Mahfusi.
Queen Bed –  90 per night. (This hotel has a private beach)
I was at the Grand Beach and Spa in Hulhumale.
Queen Bed –  60 per night.

I got all those hotel bookings 3 months ago and got a lot less. I was booking on Agoda, had deducted money from credit card 7/8 days ago.
Food cost:
Food bills in the Maldives are also taxed at 25%.
Since the rupee of Maldives is more than the currency of our country, everything will cost more. And the price is higher because they import everything from the island region.






 There are many hotels in the vicinity of Male City, Bengali food is available in all the hotels.
It costs  15-20 for two people to have lunch and dinner.

👉🏻 You can have the best food at Mahfushi at Sunrise Hotel restaurant for ৮ 8-10 per person Perfect Buffet lunch, dinner.

There is a hotel near Fruits Market in Hulhumale. The food at that hotel is very good.

Where to travel and travel expenses:

 Maldives with about 1100 islands, you can visit any island of your choice.

Writing the full details of the places we visited.

 First you need a taxi to get to the hotel after getting off at the airport, you have to take rupee from the dollar to get at the airport to hire a taxi. Because Maldivian rupee is not available in Bangladesh.

– Taxi fare is fixed in Male City, wherever you go in the city fare is 25 rupees.

 Speedboats, air taxis, public ferries, etc. can go to different islands from Male City.

👉🏻-১ 110-150 per person on speedboats. Or the rent may be more or less depending on the place.

$500 per person in an air taxi.

 50-100 rupees on public ferry.

We took the Mahfushi Island Public Ferry from Male City.

I went by speedboat from Mahfushi to Adaran Island.

 Hulhumale taxi from Male City.

 By public ferry from Male City to Billingsi Island.

Our Adarane full day trip cost $ 150 per person.

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 Buffet lunch with unlimited drinks and ice cream from Mahfushi to Adaran Island on this day trip.
Buffet breakfast in the afternoon.

 Per night rent of water villas in Adaran is 2200 dollars.

Independent You can go to places like Independent Square, Islamic center, masjid al sultan etc. in Male City.

 Hulhumale city is impossibly beautiful 

😊It would also be nice to walk along Hulhumal’s beaches, parks and city streets😊

We went to Villaingi to see the sunset, the island is basically a residential area.
You can spend the afternoon sitting on a rock by the sea. And yes, all the water in the Maldives is crystal clear, so wherever you know, you can see all the fish under the water.

Tips 6
 Maldives Water Crystal Clear Blue: So it would be Awesome to do water drive, snorkeling and scuba diving.
I bought snorkeling glass for snorkelling from Bangladesh. Because the price will be higher in Maldives.
I didn’t know how to swim, but I did snorkeling, the currents in the Maldives are very low and I can’t explain the view under the water, so those who can’t swim will have a little courage.





Every place in the Maldives will have a football field at least 1 o’clock, and if someone is a football freak you can come up with 2/1 goals 
Honest Review:
I really can’t explain in writing how beautiful the Maldives is. Your eyes will be successful
One in one place, one of a kind beautiful 😇

 Say something about Star Beach, every beach in Maldives is white sand means white sandy beache so most of the time it is seen more when there is no moon in the night sky. This is what a Maldivian from our hotel said. And it’s nothing but one type of aquatic insect. That’s why I said the word insect to me like a firefly.
We got 1 day when we were in Mahfushi
But very little is not enough to fill the hand. Blue and pink blinked for a while, but when I put my hand in the water, it glowed again.
 80% Bangladeshis will get in Maldives, so it will be convenient to communicate with everyone.


Shopping Tips:
From the MaldivesI didn’t find anything to shop for, everything seemed to be better in our country.
But I bought a lot of tea, juice, cheese, butter, chips from the super shop. Because the price and product quality are very good.


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