Drishtinandan Nizam-Hasina Mosque

The largest state-of-the-art Nizam-Hasina Foundation Mosque has been built in Bhola so far. The Nizam-Hasina Mosque is built on about one and a half acres of land in Ukil Para of the city. Thousands of people flock here every day to see the eye-catching ornaments and the beautiful mosque and many people come here from far and wide to perform Jumma on Friday. The two-story mosque, which is decorated with various colored marble stones and carvings, has a separate hospital for men and women and arrangements for prayers. Construction of the mosque began in June 2010. So far 52,000 workers have taken part in the construction of the mosque. At this time, 2,000 worshipers can perform prayers in this mosque.



How to get there: You have to come to Barisal from any part of the country by night launch at Dhaka Sadarghat. Cabins, double bed cabins or you can come by calling. Deck rent is 150 TK. After breakfast at Barisal Sadarghat, take a Bhola-bound launch to Veduria Ghat. The rent is 60 TK per person. Bhola Sadar Ukil Para by auto from Veduria Ghat. The rent is 40 TK per person.

** Wherever you go, make sure that you do not harm the environment **


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