Eco Park Kolkata.

I hope everyone has gone more or less. Went a few days ago. What looked most amazing was the newly created Seventh Wonder. Each model is made perfectly. You have to be thrilled to be inside the pyramid. And climbing on the wall of China really felt like coming to China. The rest and everything are extraordinary, to say the least. The entrance fee here is 60 TK. Take as many pictures as you like. You have to come to gate 4 to see it. Gate No. 1 to Gate No. 4 is about 3 km. If you don’t want to walk, you can come to a Toyota or battery-powered car. Rent 150 and 100 TK per person.
It is like being fascinated by the terracotta temple near Gate No. 3 and the works of his body.
There are various types of tree gardens and birds. I really liked the golden bamboo garden.




It feels great to walk along the lake. There are chairs for sitting. There are balloons, boats, etc. to float in the water. Price 100 TK. Bicycles are also available for two or three people to ride together. So that two people can sit and drive.
The entrance fee of Eco Park is 30 TK. car parking 50 and 20 TK. The price of food inside is a bit high. Food can also be brought from outside. Now when it comes to the newly built sweet hub next to the car park, a combination of assorted sweets, those who like sweets like me, will definitely like it.



The night view of the eco-park is also amazing. It would be great to spend the whole day here.
Then why is it late? Come and visit one day. Just keep in mind Monday is a full day off.


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