Ecopark of Sitakunda Botanical Garden.

Our journey started at 8 am the day after Eid. We will go by bus so we buy a ticket from Dhaka to Feni and wait for the bus. At 6:40 our bus left Maniknagar in Dhaka. I thought we would be in Feni by 10 o’clock. But on that day we were stuck in a traffic jam for a long time for the renovation work of Langalband Bridge in Narayanganj. For which we went to Feni at 2 pm. From Feni, we took a local bus to Thakurdighi bus stand. From there I went by CNG to the main gate of Mahamaya Lake. We collect tickets and go inside and see the mountains of the lake and get lost in nature. Mahamaya Lake is a very beautiful lake. It looked like small hills floating on the water of the lake. We climbed the next hill and became even more fascinated by the whole lake. The feelings of that time cannot be expressed in words. Then we came out of the lake around 5:30. Because we have to come to Sitakundu to stay the night. We came to Dhaka-Chittagong highway by CNG. From there we took a bus to Sitakundu. We got off the bus and first went inside Sitakundu Bazaar. There are a few hotels but the best quality hotel is New Saudia. Their rooms are very nice. So we rent a room for 3 people. Duke in the room, we go to our restaurant for fresh dinner. After dinner we came to the room and fell asleep. The next day we will walk around the ecopark all day. I did not make a mistake to wake up at 5 am the next day and take a view of Chandranath hill from the hotel. We checked out of the room in the morning, left the bag with the hotel uncle and left for breakfast. After breakfast we took a rickshaw to the front of the ecopark. We entered the ecopark and took CNG and went upstairs. First we go to see Sahasradhara Jharna. After descending 483 steps from Sahasradhara Base Camping, you can see the Sahasradhara Jharna just 2 minutes walk along the Jhiri Path. Water falls from very high. If you look at the waterfall, you can go to the right side of the road above this waterfall.

On the way up to the top of this waterfall there is some beautiful view of the waterfall from the hill. And when you climb up the hill and look around, your eyes will be closed. Then we got down from there and came to the Millennium Base Camping. From there we continue to walk downhill. After a short walk, we see the Watch Tower. We spend some time on the Watch Tower. The beach looks very good from the Watch Tower. We walked from there to the base camping of Suptadhara Jharna. From there we went down the stairs. This fountain is a little troublesome from the millennium. You have to go down about 2200 feet. As we climbed down the stairs, we found Jhiri Path. The Suptadhara Jharna is located on the opposite side of the Jhiri Path. This fountain can be found by walking 10 to 15 minutes from the stairs. We have a lot of fun bathing in this fountain. Then on the way back from there we sat in a round room and brought light dry food for lunch and ate them and took some rest there. Then after 1 o’clock we start walking again. It was about half past two when we walked to the gate of the ecopark. We turned around a bit and went out on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway to buy something. Before coming to the highway, I sat on the railway line and took some pictures. We came to Sitakundu Bazaar from the highway and went to our hotel with rice bags from Hotel Mama. After eating there, we left for Dhaka by bus at 6 pm. The bus dropped us off at Badda in Dhaka at 9:15. That is the end of our journey.

The total cost for 3 of us was 6,000 TK. Then our per capita cost is 2,000 TK.



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