How many of us know that the Brahmo Samaj of Raja Rammohun Roy has survived to this day, even in Dhaka itself. But what a beautiful palace-like office is still in operation. One day in 1926, Rabindranath Tagore was standing in this verandah with a cup of tea in his hand and looking at Burigangapan with bored eyes. Jibanananda, the greatest poet of Bengal, was also married in this Brahma temple in the Brahma style. You can come back one day, don’t feel bad.









From anywhere, get off at Victoria Park or in front of Jagannath, then head towards Patuatuli. If you walk for two minutes with your eyes open, you will find Sumna next to the hospital. Meetings are held occasionally, though often locked; Open to everyone. There is also a light eating-drinking system like DU’s Gurudwara!


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