Find out more about Itna, Kishoreganj.

After spending a sleepless night, we left at 5 am for the Mohakhali bus stand and reached the destination from Banasree Block B with only 160 TK for the welfare of Uber. If you stand facing the bus stand from Mohakhali, you will get the bus of Kishoreganj, name Ananya, by going a little inside on the left-hand side. Inside the bus though I saw stickers promising safe road travel. But that’s what drove me. Wow, just thrilling really. But every time I woke up I found myself floating up along the seat.



Finally, after 3.30 hours we arrived at about 10:30 A.M. I had a light breakfast there within the reach of the price. The bus did not run slowly at all, the road is very narrow and bad. From there the station road at 15 rupees per person. I wanted 20 TK if you talk a little you can go for 15 TK. Walking along Station Road, I realized that I am not in any Ajpara village. Everything is here, everything is very tidy. My idea was proved wrong by slapping all the thoughts as I had seen the condition of the road. I felt very happy. Anyway, this time the car came to Station Road, a very straight road. Then I got a lot of CNG on Station Road but we needed one, agreed to come to the leather port for 40 rupees per person. As soon as the CNG started running, the green ceremony started, maybe that’s why I came here pushing the garbage of the city, and I think this is the beauty of Itna.



The green jute fields and the trees in it will captivate the mind. I left the small bed market and came to the leather port. Honestly, I didn’t get any skin odor. Anyway, there are a few docks to get on the boat. If you take the number one ghat facing the road directly, you will find a boat with a local engine at the ghat number 2 on the left-hand side. The reserve speed boat was available at the next hour, I asked out of curiosity they raised the price to 1200-3000 TK, 800-1000 TK to manage after the estimated time is 30-45 minutes. We are brother student people so I got up here locally. Because they will take the goods on the roof. Probably most of the necessary supplies are supplied in this way. Later you can sit on the roof if you wish.



I found out that every one hour the boat leaves for Itna. I took pictures and went to bed. I have to go to Itna Bazaar at the very end, this is the last destination of the boat. I reached at 2:34. Seeing people bathing in Haor, the desire to take a bath awoke in our minds. As soon as we reach the right from the jetty to the guest house, we have their system per head at Thakur Guest House for 150 TK / night. After much deliberation, we bought a double bed and a single bed for 800 rupees. For 24 hours. Bess, let’s go for a bath in the haor as soon as possible. I got down and closed my eyes. The reason for closing my eyes was that I saw a man urinating in water. Oops, that’s dirty in the water. Still, I could not resist the urge to swim. It didn’t last long, so I went to see what I didn’t see human feces. This time greed is no more. I ran away from the water in a while. Then I remembered our pride Shakib Al Hasan’s Lifeboy soap advertisement. So I washed well in the washroom with a lifebuoy soap for 30 TK. The clothes were not left out either.



Anyway, let’s eat rice and come back a little. Extra rice 20, chicken 70, duck 60, small fish 40, horn fish 60, water price is 5/10 rupees more (Rhea Hotel) on the left side of the guest house if it stands straight towards the haor. I did, a shopkeeper helped us with this, the destination was fixed, to see the road of their dreams. Which will never be the way of their communication with Dhaka? Really deadly eye-catching scene, I guarantee your mind will be full. When you stand on the street and enjoy the beauty, the wind of the haor will blow your mind for hours. The playground next to the small school house looked like poetry. The little ones are manipulating the boat. I didn’t ask who to take. Then a small zamindar house, I forgot the name of the zamindar. Our tour is complete with an old mosque.



After so long, the tomtom driver agreed to pay 300 TK. Uni also did much better, helping our zamindar get inside the house. Have a light breakfast in the evening. It is very interesting to see the sky sitting next to the haor. I discovered the sky in a new way. The more I watch, the better. In it, the sky is full of molasses. Great experience in a word. After eating at night, I left for Dhaka again at 11 am. When you come, try to sit on the roof of the boat, it will not feel bad. If you take an umbrella, you can survive from the love of the sun. When I arrived, I came by bus, although the seats looked good, I was not comfortable to sit at all. We went with 5 people, the cost per person was 1200 TK (Dhaka to Itna).



B.D. The people of Itner are very hospitable. You will be fascinated by their use. And I don’t want the price of things, the rent is too high. And the environment is ours, wherever we go, we try to keep the environment beautiful, we try to praise ourselves by throwing garbage in the specified place. Encourage others in this regard as well.


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