Flag on the summit of Keokradong on the day of the great victory.

I will fly the flag on the summit of Keokradong on the day of great victory.
Going on a 4 night 3 day tour to Bagalek + Keokradong.
If possible, I will go to Swarnamandir / Nilgiri.
The plan is to leave Dhaka on the night of the 13th.
The next morning I will go down to Bandarban, have breakfast and go to Ruma.
I will go to Kamala Bazar with a guide from Ruma.
From there I will walk to Bagalek. At night I will stay there in the cottage of Adi Basi.
The next day I will wake up and leave in the morning for the purpose of Keokradong.
Spend the day and night there.









At night, everyone will chat and sing together.
The next day is December 16.
In the morning I will return to Ruma, Bandarban after seeing the clouds at the top of Keokradong.
If I have time, I will come and see the blue mountain.
And if you can in the afternoon, you can go to the Golden Temple by auto.
After dinner, leave for Dhaka.
I will be covered on the morning of the 17th, God willing.


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