Floating guava market and garden in Kuriana village.

In Pirojpur district of Barisal division

Cost which has been: – Dhaka – Barisal bus 500 TK

Barisal 1 night stay The next morning by bus from Nuthullabad Sarupkathi 50 TK fare



Rickshaw fare from bus stand is 20 taka at Sarupkathi Bazar



Auto rental of 20 TK from the market to Kuriana village.



We went down to the market and rented a boat without engine at 200 TK per hour. There were 3 of us


At the end of the tour, I ate at the domestic hotel in Kuriana Bazar

After eating, I drove to Atghar Bazaar. Rent 20 TK

I came from Atghar through Laguna to Barisal’s Chaumatha, Nuthullabad. Rent 45 TK.



Then I went to Kuakata. But if anyone wants, he can return to Dhaka from Barisal on the launch sofa for 400-500 TK.



Apart from the cost of living and eating, this is my rental expenses.



I was at my friend’s house so the money to stay was sold. And even if someone wants to stay in a hotel, he will try to stay in Barisal Sadar.



However, apart from the cost of accommodation and food, 3 people have spent about 4500 TK, which means about 1500 TK per person



Some tips: 8-11 in the morning during the market. After that, there is no floating market. So you have to go as early as possible in the morning.



July to September is the guava season and the next few months are the mango season. Best of all in the rainy season.



You can have lunch at Kuriana Bazaar. Very chip. We ate fish, rice, eggs, and karla bhaji at a local hotel. 3 people have been billed 260 rupees. Food and good.



There is a car park of Guava Garden at the entrance price of 30 per person. However, the boatman says that he will be able to reduce the money with Mama



And yes, you can enter the guava garden and eat as many guavas as you want. But can’t bring it.

Lastly, the important thing is to take a boat without an engine. Otherwise, you will not get the real taste of Java. Because the trawler can’t get inside the garden’s so little water. If you want to go around by boat, the boat I was on was the best. The artistic design of his boat is as good as the boatman’s uncle’s mind and use. If anyone wants to go, you can hire him by calling. Name – Kamaruzzaman
Mobile: 0175654962



At the end of all, come to the launch ghat from Nuthullabad with an auto rental of 10 taka, eat and get on the launch. Remember that all launches in Dhaka leave from the ghat by 9 o’clock.



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