For peace of mind, visit this house on the shores of Kuakata Sea.

Come and visit Kuakata in this house in comfort. You can leave the city and go to the beach for peace. Although there are several sea-beaches in Bangladesh, Kuakata is an exception. Kuakata is called the daughter of the sea because of its unique qualities. There is no hustle and bustle, no hustle and bustle of people, where you can spend hours and hours in your own mind. And once launched, you can enjoy the journey. We took a VIP cabin with 7/8 people. After leaving the launch from Sadarghat, I went to the roof. Josna is sitting on the roof of the launch at night and floating forward. She has a different feeling. Josner’s light seemed to be shining. And the river water is gurgling. The chatter froze in the frosty air.
Where to go at a low cost? What do you see?



Kuakata is famous for sunrise and sunset. There are also a number of tourist spots that will complement the Kuakata tour.
1. C-Beach: Spacious C-Beach is noise-free and secluded. Where you can spend time as you like. You will get a comfortable chair for 20/30 TK per hour for sitting. For extra pleasure, you will get a four-wheeler easy bike. You can also travel by speed boat at TK 200 / – per person. At the end of it all, you can enjoy the sunset.



2. Sunrise: You have to go 7/8 km to see the sunrise. For this, you have to keep the bike in contact the day before. You will find many bikes for rent on Main Road. Give the stars the name and room number of the hotel. They will come at 4 / 4.30 pm and take you to the spot from the hotel. In that case, you will get a package. Sunrise, Zhaoban, Red Crab Char, and Golden Temple. It will cost 400/500 TK per person.



3. Sundarbans Delta (Fatrar Char): You will get a package from C-Beach to take you around the Sundarbans Delta (Fatrar Char), Red Crab Char, Shuntaki Palli by speedboat. 400 / – per person. Takes two shifts. 2 am and noon. If you go at 2 pm, you will be able to enjoy the sunset from the speedboat floating in the sea on the way back.


4. Burmese Market: Two steps away from the hotel you will find Burmese Market. A variety of products. However, the clothes for the girls are full of scarves. And the cosmetics that caught my eye are for all the girls.



5. Golden Temple: Golden Temple with Burmese Market. 20 / – entrance fee. Take off your shoes and go inside. Small and beautiful, at a glance, the mind will be covered.
. Centennial Boat: As you exit through the gate on the south side of the Burmese Market, you can see the boat along the road or show it to anyone on Beach Road.

. Zhaoban: Those who just want to go to Zhaoban can get Zhaoban by walking east along the beach. But you have to walk a lot of time. Instead, Zhaoban left the market in a van with Rs. 20 / – per person. Hope you like it. Take the time to look around and take pictures as you wish.

. Misripara Buddhist Temple: 6/7 km from Kuakata. Far away is this Buddhist temple. You can visit this Buddhist temple on a motorcycle for 100 / – per person. This temple in the middle of the village was once the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh.




Travel: You can go to Kuakata by launch and bus. If you want to be comfortable and enjoyable, you have to go to the launch. Several launches leave Sadarghat every day for Kuakata. Sundarbans, Prince Awlad, and Kuakata are some of them. Single AC Cabin TK. 1000-1100 / – Double Cabin TK. 1600-2000 / – TK. VIP cabin 5000-6000 / – TK. You will get Kuakata bus from Sayedabad, Kalyanpur, and Gabtali bus stands. Non AC fare is TK. 550 / – and AC fare is TK 1000 / -. The journey did not end at Patuakhali launch dock. An auto-rickshaw from Patuakhali launch ghat will cost TK 20 / – per person to Patuakhali bus stand. From here pay 140 / – for 2 / 2.30 hours to Kuakata.
Stay: There are many hotels, motels, and resorts. You will also find three-star quality hotels. Rent from-TK.500 / – to TK.5000 / -. Take a hotel within your choice and budget. I was at Sagar Kanya Resort. 1 room tent for 3 people was 1200 / – TK. Rents go up and down on season/off-season.
Eating: There are no good quality restaurants to eat. Take a look at all the restaurants nearby. From surfing food at some hotels. However, in the evening you can eat barbecue and fish fry on the beach. The great test is this marine fish fry. You can try it once.
I gave all the ideas. Customize the tour plan as you like. Let nature be like them. Be aware of protecting the environment.


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