For the purpose of Madhabpur.

After finishing the trail we left for Madhabpur. I stayed there for a while. The tea shop at the gate of Madhabpur Lake had tea juice. Just sipping a cup of tea seemed to take away the tiredness of the whole day. After that I didn’t go to Lauyachhara forest at 5 o’clock. So Rajan Da said take me there as there is a beautiful tea garden. I was thinking in my mind how much I saw the tea garden. So what would be so beautiful! But no, this misconception of mine went away in less than 15-20 minutes. It seemed that the gardens I have seen so far are like Vogas! Tea gardens spread on the hills on both sides, quiet-silence! At the end of the day, it was as if the mind was agitating for something like that. I landed somewhere before evening. Surrounded by tea gardens. Monkey game in the distant bush garden. And we are 10 people. The end of the day seemed to end dreamily.






Dhaka-Srimangal-Nurjahan Tea Estate (CNG / Jeep)


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