For those who love to travel, visit the historic Tangail zamindar’s house.

-At first, the intoxication was to visit historical places or tourist places. That intoxication has become lighter. Now the intoxication is just traveling. Visiting Bangladesh.
Whether a place is strangely beautiful or not, on the way to Bangladesh, sitting in a vehicle with two eyes to see why the mind is full.



I have left footprints in 60 districts of Bangladesh. When you go somewhere, many people say, ‘There is nothing to see here. In vain … ‘.
Those who are addicted to seeing villages, seeing green, seeing Bangladesh, there is no point in telling them all this.

I went to Tangail again. I saw several places. Since no more than 5 pictures can be given in one post, I will give separate posts in all the places.
Today I am talking about Dhanbari Nawabbari Palace and Mosque.

We went to Mymensingh from Dhaka to visit. From there the next day at 11 is I hired Mahendra for the whole day for 3600 rupees. Mahendra can seat up to 13 people. There were 9 of us.

If you go to Dhanbari and ask anyone, this zamindar will show you the route of the house.
The place is simple but beautiful to look at, tidy, and secluded.



I added information collected from the Internet:

“Tangail is a district surrounded by rivers and beautiful nature. Due to its proximity to Dhaka, the district has become one of the most popular places for travelers. The list of children of history, tradition, and works of Tangail is very long.
It is known from history that several zamindars lived in this district. Times have changed, but the houses left by the zamindars are still there as a witness of tomorrow.



The Nawab’s Palace in Dhanbari is one of the most attractive zamindar houses in Tangail.
This simple but magnificent Nawabbari is situated on 120 bighas of land between Bairan and Banshi rivers. The Nawab’s house has a few more buildings including the Nawab’s Palace, the Awas Bhaban, and the Kachari Bhavan. There is a conference hall, convention hall, dining hall, Nawab Museum, and library.

Next to the Nawab’s house is the Nawab’s house mosque. This mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh. In the sixteenth century, Ispinjar Khan and Monwar Khan, two brothers of the Seljuk Turkish dynasty, built the first section (one-room mosque) of the mosque. The mosque was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar when the two brothers defeated the oppressive zamindar of Dhanbari and took charge of the region.



Wherever you go, make sure that you or you do not pollute and damage the environment.


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