For Whom are not possible to Visit JOL and Jungeler Kabbo due to lack of group.

I have been wanting to go to the resort for a long time. But the JOL and Jungeler Kabbo Authority does not take bookings less than ten people. And there are 4 of us. So given this post.
1. Next Thursday, September 5, we are going to In Sha Allah. I will go in the morning and come back in the evening. Choosing a working day because there may be a little crowd on the weekend.


#Tour Detailঃ


Environment: The resort has been built on 90 bighas of land at Pubail in Tongi in Gazipur district. Keeping the nature intact, a clean rural environment has been created with bamboo and jute fences, canopy canopies and wide water horizons, boats.

Food: Water and Jungle Kavya Resort usually serve local food and cakes. The food list includes rice, polao, chicken, pulses with chalta, kachumukhi with tamarind, rui fish, mashed potatoes, mashed pulses, powdered fish, etc. For breakfast, molasses, chitai pitha, luchi, meat, bhaji, tea, and mudri are served. They cook and serve their own vegetables, paddy, and beel fish.

-Resort cost: 2000 / – per person including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks but 1000 / – for child / driver / assistant

-Travel cost: I will report to Mohakhali bus stand at 7 in the morning. From there by bus. Later I will come to Pubail and reach the resort by rickshaw or autorickshaw.
Resort rent from Mohakhali: 200 / –



2. If there is someone like me who can’t go due to lack of group, or if any group is already planning to go there or someone knows that his known group is going, kindly let us know so we can join.
3. groups of couple/group of friends/family We have no problem in any group. I am drawing everyone’s attention.
4. Since there is no time to respond today.
5. I added some pictures of the resort collected from different groups.


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