From the noise of Dhaka city, come to Rupganj Zinda Park to Relax.

To keep themselves free from the noise of Dhaka city for a day, many people go around Dhaka. Everyone has to think about their own safety before going around Dhaka. But if you go to Rupganj Zinda Park, you don’t have to think much about these things. Zinda Park in Rupganj is safe enough and no hawker will come and disturb you. It can be said that there are not many hawkers in the park-like in other parks. The park is not unsafe for anyone, boy/girl, family, or boyfriend couple. There is beautiful greenery all around, various types of plants, small lakes, ponds, libraries, mosques are all in the park. There are many dailies in the lower floor of the library and you can read them. However, if you want to go to the 2nd / 3rd floor of the library, you have to leave your shoes and bag and buy a ticket with 20 TK. The environment of the library is quite beautiful and tidy. There are many types of seating throughout the park. If you want you can sit and rest. All in all, it can be called the best place to visit for half a day. I said half a day because you can see the whole park in a few hours.



How to go:


You have to come to Kuril Biswaroad from anywhere in Dhaka city. From there you will go to Kanchan Bridge by BRTC bus and the fare will be 25 TK. As soon as you get down near the bridge you will see that there is an auto. Those cars go to Zinda Park, you can go locally if you want and you can also go by auto reserve. If you go locally, the rent will be 30 TK per person and if you take a reserve, you can ask for 150/200 TK but it will not be right to pay more than 100 TK. The entrance fee to the park is 100 TK.




Although everything is available, the cold water from the fridge is not available anywhere outside the park or around the Kanchan Bridge. The whole dilapidated state was gone for our water. If someone is not in the habit of drinking water from the tong shop outside, then you must take water with you.

Note: Do not litter in the park. Where there is no litter, there are specific dustbins for littering.


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