Gadkhali flower market.

Those who love flowers can come back for a day. I don’t think you will find a flower market like the one in the empty flower market. In the morning the farmers stand on bicycles with all kinds of flowers like rose, gerbera, tuberose, gadias and many more. You will be surprised that 100 roses cost 40 rupees, gerbera 100 less than 100 rupees.
Flower garden:




After visiting the flower market, get out of Gadkhali market in the morning and drive a van. To see the flower garden, the field is full of flowers and flowers not just in one village but in a few villages. Finish the flower village tour at 2pm. .
Benapal Port:
Get on the bus from Navaran Bazar to Benapal Port. It will take 20 minutes to reach Benapal Port. After visiting Benapal Port, you will get a bus from Benapal to Dhaka. Again, if you wish, you can go around Jessore city. Jessore city has the largest Manihar cinema hall in Bangladesh. For this you have to do. Must see flower market by 9am. After visiting the flower garden by 12 noon you will leave for Benapole port and from 3 pm you will have to catch a bus from Benapole to Jessore city. It will take about 50 minutes.
How to get on the bus from Dhaka:






There are many buses in Benapole till 12 at night but it is better to go before 10 pm because there are many serials of Paturia ferry bus, so if you don’t get to the ferry in time, you will miss the flower market: like Hanif, Eagle, Sohag. Who will tell the bus driver to get off at Gadkhali?




How to go by train:


Chitra Ekya leaves Dhaka and reaches Jessore in the evening at 5.30 am. Get off the train at Benapole bus station without saying a word. Get up and read. You will get off at Gadkhali Bazaar and the fare will be 30 rupees.
Breakfast should be done from Gadkhali market. Lunch has to be done from Benapole port. And dinner has to be done here if you go to Jessore city. I can’t give more news from this. Because I don’t eat anywhere outside.
Return to Dhaka:
If you wish you can return to Dhaka from Benapole port or by Jessore city bus fare 450/500 Hanif, Eagle, Sohag, Royal. You can come back by train from Jessore city at 9.30 pm Sundarban Express but it is difficult to get a ticket. However, if the ticket is 2/3, the ticket counter said a little brother …… and I did not say. Rent will take 450 to 520.
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