Gangtake riot trip.

Suddenly one day a friend said go to Sikkim? I said where is this again. Said between Bhutan and Nepal, below Tibet. Some pictures also showed ice, mountains and lakes. There will be a budget tour. I dislike my road journey. Earlier in the Bhutan plan, the plan was dropped by doing air by air. So this time I agreed with everything my friend said. India never seemed foreign to me, never wanted to go to India. Brown people look like us, houses look like us, once upon a time there was the same country again, how is it abroad! To me, foreign means white people will walk around wearing small clothes. However, the friend agreed to everything. Satyajit Ray’s Feluda Gang is called Gangtok of Gandgol.





The plan is to go to the package with the agency, there is no problem of permission, there is no need to plan anything. Buffet food. Hassle-free tour. After asking all the friends if they would go, I decided to leave without finding anyone else. I booked the agency with money. Visa Tisa is all ready. But, this agency business seemed to be a problem. Always try to go around without the agency. Later I left the agency and left on my own. The best way to go to Sikkim is Chengrabandha Border. AC, non AC and business class buses run on this route. All bus tickets are available at Kalyanpur. I reached Siliguri directly by bus from Dhaka after finishing the work of the middle border. I got together with the others on the bus and fixed Gangtok’s car. You can take a bus or jeep from Siliguri. You can also take a taxi if you want, it will cost more. Up to 60 rupees on the bus, 60 rupees down, the fare known to the local people.





And 250 TK per person in a jeep. 10 people can go in one jeep. Seat 2-4-4. Even if your group is not big, there is a car stand where you can share. There is a Rangpo border before Gangtok and you have to enter from there with permission. Sikkim is the second smallest state in India. Nearby are the borders of 3 countries. So you have to seal in and out of Sikkim. Even if you don’t go to that Rangpo when you go out, there are more SNT gates, you can go out with any seal. Rangpo is very crowded so we spend a lot of time. A quarrel between a Bangladeshi man and a Nepali girl is waiting for the Bangladeshis because of the elephants. All Nepalis and other countries have to give permission first. In front of us, one Nepali was in line with his passport till 20-40-90 hours. Many Bangladeshis had to stay at the hotel there as they did not get permission at 10 o’clock that night. Nepalis can enter Sikkim only with their government card without a passport.





It was 12.30 pm when we reached Gangtok. All closed all hotels all restaurants. I went down and saw that it was raining. That was all that was left. 12/14 degree Celsius cold. The stomach is choking on hunger. I ate at 12 o’clock that afternoon. Going a little further, I saw a crowd of people. One man is selling Momo. I ate a plate of gossip. 60 rupees 6 chicken momo. I ended up wanting to eat 2/4 more plate.
There is no hotel to talk to about the whole MG morgue. All doors locked. A friend said let’s find the club, I will take the hotel from the night to the club in the morning. Thinking like that, I saw one of the other people who were looking for a hotel calling, shaking hands. Later the police called and arranged for our hotel. That is often the case.

I got a room with a view. The whole of Gangtok can be seen through the back porch. I get up in the morning and see Kanchenjunga through the window. What a wonderful sight! The next day I took a rest, walked around and went to visit Sangu Lake the next day. You have to take a nice hilly road. The city of Gangtok rises 5,000 feet, from here we go up to 13,300 feet.





If you want to go somewhere here, you need permission again, you have to go with a travel agency, a guide and a travel agency must. And they will give permission. On the way, as we slowly started to get up, the weather started to get bad. The sky is clear from morning till 12 noon, after which the clouds start to accumulate in the sky and after that it cannot be seen from far away. As we got up, we started to walk through the clouds, not being able to see more than 20 feet in front. We reached Sangu Lake after 2 hours. Nothing can be seen 10 feet in front! Very little oxygen. Walking a little more makes you dizzy. I took a rest and walked around slowly, with my friend Yak went for a walk with a cow. 1200 rupees will bring you around the lake. The surroundings have become much clearer and the snow has started to fall, the whole lake and the surrounding hills could be seen clearly, there is only car here, you can climb the hill along the lake by doing this, Kanchenjunga view point from above.
Where there is no dirt, please remove the dirt in the designated place.


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