Gerua Bazaar.

Light lunch was going on in the local field after lunch at Battala of Jahangir Nagar University …
“Rang de tu mohe gerua” was playing on the mobile.
My fellow local boy said,
“There’s a place next door, Gerua Bazaar.”




As soon as I heard that, I sat up and said,





The location of this market is just 5-6 minutes walk from Battala.
The location of these three streets on one side of the market.
Couldn’t find a specific name,
But very close to Dhaka,
A strangely beautiful, quiet-quiet environment!
Right next to the paved road, this red road seems to have taken you to an unknown paradise …






This palm tree, red soil, mango-jackfruit shady sunibir path ….
 The trees in the distance become a swamp in the rainy season!

I’m not saying it’s a place to visit,
Not a tourist place.

However, the place is very aesthetic, outstanding poetic, very beautiful.

I liked it so I shared it.

** Wherever you go, maintain a beautiful environment, refrain from littering and maintain cleanliness.


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