Go to Tiger Hill and watch the sunrise as well as Kanchenjunga.

Going to Tiger Hill to see the sunrise and watching Kanchenjunga from a closer distance, the whole body is tired now and I am fast asleep, so I am going to the hotel after spending some time at the crossroads. After a while I went to the hotel and fell asleep. I have to wake up very early tomorrow because I will go to that hill tomorrow to watch the sunrise.









He woke up after 3 am because we would leave at 4 pm. I had already fixed the private car yesterday and the driver’s brother also called at 3:30 pm and said to get ready quickly because he would come down to our hotel at 4 o’clock. If you don’t go a little early in the morning, you will have to go in a heavy traffic jam, so you have to leave beforehand. So if you go first, you will see the sunrise standing in the right place, or you will have to make room to stand in front by pushing.











We will get down at 4 o’clock after freshening up and then I called the driver brother and told him that we are going down. We went downstairs and saw him waiting for us. We got in the car with a little hi-hello and started walking towards our destination. In this way I started to cross Aka Baka Road and keep going in front but after some time I realized that there will be a lot of crowd because there are many cars running around so it means that many people have gone out before us to watch the sunrise.

As the car was moving, we crossed the station and went to the front. After a while, the driver suddenly stopped the car and I saw someone get in the car, so I got a little scared but after listening to their conversation, I realized that he would be someone I knew. However, after some time, I realized that Ginny was a female police officer. He got out of Tiger Hill to do his duty so he got in our car to go fast and since it is normal for the police to get up from there.











It was very crowded because thousands of tourists came out today to watch the sunrise so all the cars are on the road now. We pushed the jam and proceeded slowly and the driver brother said that we got to the destination and got off the car.

Ah no, I see so many brides getting their bodies caressed in the cold and gentle air. I didn’t understand for so long because there was a window in the car. So the driver brother said, I am parking here and I will stay here. You keep walking upstairs because there is no way to go in front of the car. We also look at the cars across the road. Hundreds of people are walking so we are also following them and going upwards because from where we will see the sunrise and see Kanchenjunga it is located at the very top so we have been walking upwards for some time.














At one point I couldn’t stand the cold anymore and he was in the same condition. We didn’t realize it was going to be so cold, and it was only the beginning of November. I was wearing a jacket over my shirt but my legs felt very cold and I had my hands, face and neck. If you put your hand in the pocket of your jacket, you don’t want to take it out for air. After walking for a while, I came upstairs and saw that there were many shops selling winter clothes. Looking at them, I wonder how long they have been coming here. When I get there, it is 4:50 in the morning. And the time of sunrise that day was 5:42 in the morning.

I quickly bought two pairs of hand socks from a shop for 100 rupees and quickly bought them in my hand, this time I can save some hands. But almost everyone I see around is wearing hand socks, foot socks and shoes and we think we are coming without these. I didn’t know but I’m wearing a winter hat so I can protect my head a bit. However, it is very cold from December / January / February, so those who come must bring these preparations or buy them here.

We are all waiting for the sunrise and eagerly waiting to see the golden #Kanchenjungha. Because when the sun rises and its light falls on Kanchenjunga and then it looks like gold. After a while, Kanchenjunga was seen in a slightly obscure shape as it is still dark and whoever has a camera is taking pictures in the same style while someone is making a video. However, as time goes on, a huge number of people have come down to watch the sunrise.

I’m coming to Tiger Hill mainly to see the sunrise. So many people have come down to see how the sun rises in its own way and what happens around it. A building is under construction here, meaning to see the sunrise rise higher, but the work is not finished yet, so the two of us climbed the stairs of the building and went a little higher and looked at the eastern sky when the sun will rise, the clock is now 5:30 in the morning. Just then everyone’s eyes, face and mind are fading because a lot of clouds have accumulated in the exact place where the sun will rise and I am in uncertainty as to how the amount of fog is increasing so I will see the sun rise. Meanwhile, thousands of people are hearing a echo of despair. However, at 5:40 a.m., the clouds suddenly began to move, and at sunrise, a different kind of red glow was seen around it. And thousands of people started clapping, some started shouting, some started saying wow.

I am also taking some pictures by turning on the camera of my mobile.

At exactly 5:43 a.m., one of the sun’s rays began to rise and slowly rise. Ah, I can’t tell you how good he looks. One has to travel hundreds of kilometers to see God’s creation from the mountains. Again, some thousands of km. I ran from a distance like I came from Narail district of Bangladesh and the distance is about 1000 km. So maybe it didn’t disappoint anyone but sometimes it did because of the hostile weather.

It is getting nice little by little and we are all taking pictures and shouting to see the sun rise but when the sun was rising the light of the sun fell on #Kanchenjungha making it look more clear and a golden color and after a while a huge mountain of white ice can be seen. Even though it is very cold, these feelings are no longer working because I am going through a different kind of feeling.

For a while the sun slowly rose and rose all over the place and everyone saw what it felt like to cross a mountain because I had seen it get lost in the sea before. We stayed there till about 6 o’clock and then one by one everyone started to come out and at the same time we started walking down and saw hundreds of private cars jammed. We are moving forward and looking for our private car but I remembered the number plate of the car and it was on the side of the road so I was going to look in the direction and after some time I found the car and the driver started driving the car pushing the jam.

We saw #TigerHill and came down to the #Sleep Monastery and the driver brother started spending time on one side with a little serial. We entered and went down the stairs and saw many old and famous monasteries of #Buddhis. However, in the empty space of this monastery, there is a system of eating and drinking, which means they sell parata / luchi and dal bhaji. He and I bought 2 pitches and played together. Honestly, it tasted great, but I didn’t understand why. However, I entered the #monastery, took off my shoes and took a look around to see their religious observances, but what I saw in Kalimpong is the same here.

After visiting the #Sleep Monastery, we went to the #Batasia Loop from where Kanchenjunga can be seen more beautifully and a very beautiful place. The place is round in shape and surrounded by flowering trees and there are small sidewalk shops on the side of the road selling lots of winter clothes but this #batasia loop is a train ride to #sleep and is located at an altitude of about 6400 feet. We look around beautifully from there and wonder why the world is so beautiful. After spending some time there and standing in the winter sun in the morning, I am picking up some different styles.

It was about 8 o’clock when we got back in the car to get back to the hotel. The driver gave us a break for an hour and a half to have breakfast and rest. We went to our room for breakfast, got a little fresh and got ready again and at exactly 10 o’clock the driver brother came down to the hotel and we also got down by that time. This time we will go to #Darjeeling Zoo which is right next to the crossroads which means only 2 km from our hotel. Located away. It only takes 20/25 minutes to walk from the crossroads / hotel. When I reached the zoo, I saw a small crowd of people getting out of the car. We lined up for the entry ticket and the price of the entry ticket is 100 rupees each but the location next to the zoo means you have the opportunity to see 2 things at once.

Standing in line, I entered with my ticket and it was great to be knocked on, because other zoos and hills have been built in an exceptional way that I have never seen a zoo with such a system before. It has been created by creating an environment where every animal can live in the forest, so it feels good. We first enter through the gate and go a little further up a road to the right. He continues to walk along the road and a little further we see a colored panda. I saw this panda a lot on TV but actually saw it today. They seem to be very humble and polite. This panda’s habitat has trees, forests, huts on 2 trees, so maybe the panda also spends time. This red panda weighs 3 to 5 kg and is no more than 2 feet in length. And I went a little further and saw a factory of different species of snakes. I was scared of snakes, but I took a look at some of the most endangered species of snakes.

Then I saw Hanuman’s abode but they were very busy with their own work like a mother was getting rid of her child’s lice and someone was feeding her milk so I couldn’t have fun with them anymore. Then I saw a cat that looked huge and angry. When he saw us, he tried to entertain us a little, as if he had climbed a tree and was walking around again. We were all more or less having a lot of fun with his behavior. Besides, after seeing many more things, I am going back again, that means I am going down a little along that road. Then I started going up another road and first I saw another species of deer, a different species of bull, a leopard.

I even took a look at the LeoPards that live in the Snow Area. As we walked we went further up and down the aisle but still kept going because of the desire to look around and try to see the Royal Bengal Tiger but he was too angry to see me anymore.

We walk into an ice cream shop on the street or side and buy two ice creams and eat and many more are sitting around hugging and eating something else. We ate ice cream again

I started and reached the gate of #HMI (Himalayan Mountain Institute). HMI is a Himalayan trekking training center located in Darjeeling, India. Hundreds of trekkers from this training center trained to try to conquer Mount Everest. After entering through the gate and going straight, I saw a room which is next to the wash room and there are many people who are buying a ticket for 50 rupees and trying to figure out how to climb Mount Everest. Many students go to Mount Everest to train and try to conquer. It’s a really cool thing, and not much is known here because I saw and learned the ins and outs of what it takes for a person to climb Mount Everest and how to climb it.

Then we go upstairs and enter the building of Bengali culture and as soon as we enter, it is a sight to behold because there is a huge collection of all the animals and birds that live or are found on Mount Everest.

Many species of real birds, animals, insects have been collected here but all of them are dead but they have been preserved with medicine for ages but they still look like they are alive. I saw a giant eagle that got sick in 1971 at an altitude of 18,000 feet and later died. I saw a Leo Pard that died while living in the ice and found it in 198. I also saw different species of snakes that live in the Mount Everest area. But most of all I was surprised to see hundreds of types of collections because I have never seen so many butterflies before in this long life.

I also saw some poisonous insects that were huge in size and even many large nature spiders that I had probably never seen before. We entered the building and saw a lot of things, then we went out and went downstairs and went to the main gate to get out. And next to the gate there is a bear and deer habitat but at first they were not seen but now suddenly a huge black bear appeared and I saw him for some time. After a while we got out of here and then the driver brother was known as Tenzing Rock and this Tenzing gentleman was the first to climb Mount Everest so the Tenzing Rock Garden is named after him. There is also a small hill or mound of rocks from where Mr. Tenzing trained to conquer Everest. We spent some time there. If you pay 100 rupees here, you can weld how to climb Mount Everest. Although someone was helping but I did not have the courage, so I did not climb Mount Everest. After some time we started walking towards T-Garden and saw about 14/15 tea shops here which are set according to serials like 1/2/3/4. We entered the tea garden and the two of us were doing a photo session and took some pics as we wished. The tea garden is mainly used for picking. Many people are taking pictures in this garden and it is nice to look around which cannot be explained in writing. We spent 15/20 minutes here and then we went to room 12 and had tea and bought 1 kg of chao at a low price to take home.

It was about 4 o’clock when we got out of here and then we got in the car to go to the monastery and someone ran along the hilly road. Aslam spent a while on the edge of the temple to see the beauty of the hill. I am amazed to see the temple because it is located on a very high hill and it is very nice to see. The two of us climbed the stairs and entered the first building we saw, took off our shoes and climbed the stairs to the second floor. Here, according to the Buddhist tradition, some people are playing like drums and signaled us to sit there and join them, but we did not sit there and went down again. We went out and walked a little further and saw the main attraction of the #JapaneseTemple with two eyes and climbed the stairs and looked around and it was nice to see the crafts. I am giving different poses for taking pictures and I am getting more excited seeing the hills and mountains all around.

It’s almost 5 o’clock in the afternoon so I’m going down the stairs again because we’re going to the hotel now. Crossing the Akabaka path again, then after 20/25 minutes we got down to the hotel and after a little refreshment from the wash room, the two of us went for a walk to Sonar Bangla Hotel and Restaurant because I was very hungry so I entered to eat something. I took white rice, fish and pulses. And I went to the hotel with a full stomach. Today I am going to the crossroads and after spending some time I am going back to the hotel again because we have to leave tomorrow. Because the air time from Bagdogra airport is around 12 noon.

When we got to the hotel we talked to the manager and we had some due bills which we paid because we ate one night and there was a bill left which they take at check out time and I will also check out at 8 am but the funny thing is that the manager says we have # Breakfast packets will be ready if we want to pick them up because the time to leave the hotel the next day is 8 am.

I went to the room and packed my bags because I had to leave the next morning. At one point I fell asleep with a very tired body. I woke up very early in the morning and freshened up and checked out of the hotel at 8 am and the car was already ready in front of the hotel so we were going downstairs too. Farewell to the hotel manager and staff

We left with.

I am driving on the Akabaka road in Darjeeling city and it feels a little bad because I have been visiting different places for 4 days. It was very nice. We crossed the sleep station for a while and went ahead and could see more of the beauty of the mountains because the houses were reduced and only the roads and the mountains as well as the sky could be seen. Enjoying the wonderful roads and the natural beauty of the mountains. Honestly, I am fascinated as much as I see it and I think # If Allah has given this area so much beauty, then there are many more places where I don’t know if I will have the good fortune to go, but those places will be amazing.

He is a little addicted to tea again so on the way I stopped the car at a hotel on the right side of the road and ate tea, biscuits and at that time I looked at the sound of the #toy train and saw the train slowly moving towards the sleep station. After drinking tea, I am running with the car again and eating the gentle cool air of the mountains with all my heart. Suddenly a message came on my mobile phone and our flight time was changed to 5:30 in the afternoon. Seeing this, my mood got a little bad because if I had given this message before 8 in the morning, I would have rested at the hotel till 12 and then I would have left because We will arrive at the airport by 10 am so the rest of the time we have to spend boring time at the airport. It takes about 3 hours to reach Bagdogra Airport from Darjeeling by car.

At one point, I got off at #Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri and thanked the driver brother and said goodbye. We took the bag and asked the security officer if our spice airtime was 5:30 pm, which meant we were more sure. The officer confirmed our air time then we entered with the bag showing the #e-ticket from the air mobile. We are thinking of entering and boarding the bags because it would be annoying to carry the bags for so long so I asked the lady officer of the SpiceJet counter where to give them because this airport is very small and the checking system is 2 o’clock for all air companies so it is not specifically written that Spice Jet / Air India / Indigo Air etc.

Bag checking and scanning started. After some time, we scanned all our luggage and took the ticket from the ticket counter. We gave the luggage and just put it in the hand / bag. Basically you will get a discount on luggage up to 15 kg and up to 8 kg on hand / neck bag. Then we went upstairs with our tickets and waited for a long time. When the main security check is in at 4 pm, I wait in the waiting room of the air and there is a time when it is time to board the air, but this spijet is very small like 80/75 passengers but 2 by 2 seat system. It was almost evening when the air left.

After everything was fine, the plane started at the right time and I was trying to see the stars in the sky through the window and I wondered if I could get into the moon or the stars. But Darjeeling will have to come again because #Lava and #Sikim have not been seen yet and I am thinking about where to go next time. The plan is spinning in my head.

Note: Do not throw packets of chips, thongs or anything else wherever you go. Protect the environment.


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