Goa Travelouge.

One of the main destinations for people who are thirsty for travel is the beach. And if the combination of mountains, history, and tradition can be found somewhere along with the sea, then it is sohaga in gold, unimaginable! Goa is such a great place to visit. Goa is one of the most sought after and undisputed destinations in the subcontinent. If you are interested in traveling to Goa or are interested in learning about Goa, then you can know the basic information about Goa.



Goa is the oldest European colony on the continent. That too was a Portuguese colony! Among the Europeans, the Portuguese came to the 1st subcontinent for trade. They landed in Goa, on the east coast of the Arabian Sea, from Portugal in far-western Europe, for trade. Then in 1510, with the help of local allies, the Portuguese defeated the Bahmani Sultan’s forces and established a European colony in Goa. Goa has been ruled as a Portuguese colony for 450 years since then. Goa was still under Portuguese rule long after the partition of India. Then in 1971, the Indian government took Goa as their part.



Goa is the smallest province in present-day India. Its capital is Panaji. And its largest city is named after the famous Portuguese sailor, Vasco-da-Gama. The city of Goa is a Christian area. The spread of Christianity in the area was due to the influence of the Portuguese as it had been a Portuguese colony for a long time. And so the influence of Portuguese culture can still be seen in various parts of the cities of Goa.



Although Goa is unattractive to all Indians and Europeans for its beaches, the city has a number of historical and archeological sites. There are also many old and beautiful architectural style churches and temples. Including UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Architecture. In this city, there are many beautiful churches in the streets. One of them is the magnificent Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, built-in 1594 in South Goa. The magnificent church is one of the oldest churches in the subcontinent. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the attractions of this church is the mummy of the body of the famous Christian priest St. Francis Xavier. St. Francis Xavier was instrumental in the spread of Christianity in various countries in Asia and Africa. He also played a leading role in the spread of Christianity in Goa. He died in 1552 while preaching in China.



From there, St. Francis Xavier’s followers brought his body to Goa and mummified it in the church. In addition to the church in Goa, there are a number of beautiful modern architectural style temples. One of the famous Indian legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar’s village house is an extraordinary temple, Sadda Durga temple, and so on.



Meanwhile, the most historic archaeological site in Goa is the Aguada Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1812. The fort was built by the Portuguese to protect it from Dutch and local Marathas. The fort is located at the confluence of the Mandvi River and the Arabian Sea, in all corners of North Goa. From here, one can observe the beautiful combination of the Arabian Sea, the Mandvi River, and the city of Goa. There has been some shooting of the popular Hindi movie Dil Chahta Hai.




The main tourist areas of Goa are mainly located in North Goa district and South Goa district. Which is divided by the well-widened Mandbi River. There are a total of 3 bridges along the Mandbi river with a nice swinging bridge. Both parts of Goa have some of India’s most beautiful beaches. Which is the main attraction of Goa. One thing that stands out in Goa in particular is that there are not many high-rise buildings. A tall building is a 3-5 story building. That too is very much in quantity. Most of the buildings there are 1 story or 2 stories made of European style or tiled on top. Most of the residential hotels are in bungalow pattern. Many of which have live entertainment at night, including nightclub parties and all kinds of entertainment. There are numerous shopping malls on both sides of the road. In particular, there are numerous cashew nut shops.




There are a few places to visit along the road that runs through the villages of the uneven hills. There is no traffic jam in this city. So there is no sound of a car horn. It feels like a quiet, secluded city without noise. That is why innumerable people from all over the world, including the whole of India, come here to enjoy the beauty of life to the fullest, to immerse themselves for a while. So if you want you can also travel to Goa for a short time.



Travel Expenses for Goa Other Issues:


You must hire a taxi to travel to Goa. Because the tourist places here are located in two districts namely North Goa and South Goa. So a taxi is a best and most efficient vehicle there. However, the taxi fare is a little higher. There are usually three ways to hire a taxi. One is North Goa Sightseeing Travel Package, 2 is South Goa Sightseeing Package, and 3 is North and South Goa Sightseeing Package together. 3500 for any one side,

Taxi drivers will demand a government-fixed fare of Rs 48 for the two north-south Goa. However, you can reduce the rent by bargaining. We rented the two areas together for Rs 3,800. And you can do it from the airport or railway station.



2-3 days is enough to travel to Goa. However, if you want, you can travel all over Goa in one day. But in that case, two or three distant places have to be left out. So it is best to visit the Bigfurt Museum in North-South Goa on the 1st day, Sadda Durga Temple, Village Temple of Legendary Vocalist Lata Mangaskar, St. Basilia Church (Basilica of Bom Jesus), Aguada Fort, Cinquerim Beach, Pargan Beach, Baga Beach. On the 2nd day, you can visit Butterfly Beach, Colva Beach, Vasco da Gama City, National Zoological Park, St. Xavier’s Garden, and a couple of other gardens. If you have more time and opportunity and if you want, you can add another 1 day and visit the capital of Goa.



One thing to keep in mind when traveling to Goa is that everything in Goa is a little more expensive. Food prices are skyrocketing, especially in the beach area. So if you can get food from the beach area, you must try to eat some distance away. The best place to stay is in the Colva Beach area. The environment here is very secluded. The rent here is comparatively less. Very good quality hotels are available for 12-15 hundred rupees. Where 3 people can stay comfortably.


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