Gomukh is the current of Rupali river.

Ever since my trek companions came, my mind has been quite lively. Although it was understood that they had suffered a lot. Of course, that’s the normal way on the inaccessible mountain road, the risk of twists and turns, and the fact that these sixty-two friends dared to go to Gomukh on a mountain trail like an accident at any time is a big deal.

I felt too small for their courage and mentality, because I haven’t had much trouble with them for almost half their age. They are much fitter than that. What else can we find at this age? I went after that thought.

However, he had a tea party with them in the evening and waited for the golden evening but he could not be found. It is said that all the distant mountains are lost in the thick fog and gray clouds. So everyone went into their room for a while to warm up. However, after a while the neon light in the generator light came on and I went out again to charge my mobile if I could. I saw that there was a charge system in the office room of the lodge and I was happy that my useless power bank did not work on time!






But I couldn’t imagine that this evening’s outing would be so much fun. The first thing I see when I go out is that all the foreign trekkers in the lodge are out and spending a lot of time with the moon and stars in the sky. As soon as I charged the mobile, I tried to find out the reason for their excitement.

As soon as I came out, I saw that the darkness around me had disappeared, in the bright moonlight of the half moon. When the heavy clouds of evening have passed, the sheet of fog has moved away from the mountain. In those mountains, in the mountains, in the snow of the white mountains, the light of the moon has become illuminated by the silver light all around. Everyone is fascinated to see millions of stars shining like fireflies in the distant sky.

That’s when I met two more people. I have come from Bangladesh alone to do Gomukh trek as if some people became very curious, I was overwhelmed by his broken English. If one of the two embarrassed me and wanted to take a selfie with me, I couldn’t help but be embarrassed. Some of them saw that in the middle of the silver moonlight, they wanted to go to the banks of the Ganges through the hilly shrubs, grass and herbs, and with two more companions, they started walking. I did not think such an opportunity would come.






Because tonight, on such a lonely mountain road, in an almost uninhabited ghostly environment, I did not want to go to the banks of the Ganges alone, even if I wanted to. That’s why some of them played on my head as soon as they set foot on that path, only in the moonlight and the twinkling of stars, I got a rare opportunity to see what it would be like to see the Ganges, the surging waters of the Ganges.

It took only three to four minutes to cross the Ganges without stopping. Not only me but all the people who came there were happy. It was as if the level of joy and excitement was brighter than the light of the moon.

On its own, the form of that night on the banks of the Ganges was indescribable in the pitch black darkness of the night rushing at great speed. From a distance, there was no moonlight on the black wall of the hill on the other side. The moon is said to have been located on the top of the mountain wall, which is why the moon did not initially reflect any of the moon’s light.

The sound of the river rushing like the music of a river bursting in the ears on a black path could only be heard. But as soon as they reached the bank of the river, everyone shouted for joy. After the black shadows on the walls of the mountain, on the other side of the river, the moonlight of the silver moon shone and the whole river became like a silver stream.





The moonlight seemed to fall on the rocks as the water splashed on the rocks and some of the water droplets on the waves seemed to be trying to come up from the river to the shore! And the stream that was crossing the path of the distant mountain seemed to be a stream of silver, glistening here and there.

And the hypnotic stream of silver water that was running on the path, the stream that went a little farther and then stopped the stream of water, the path is like a mine of silver! Which in the bright light of the moon and the stars illuminated and sparkled the almost stagnant water of the river. The water of the river seemed to go away, stopped for a while, looked at the moon and stars and smiled gratefully.

The moon, its glittering moonlight, their twinkling lights, the silvery form of a rushing rushing river, none of us have ever seen before. That is why I kept silent without saying a word, I was bent over and stared at the silver river as it ran towards the sparkling water, over the pearls splashing on the rocks, towards the silver mine of the river which almost stopped. We are all overwhelmed by the sight of such a wonderful and impossible river, such mesmerizing moonlight and such dazzling stars.






I wanted to stay there forever. But in the cold air of Kankon it was no longer possible for everyone to get up again. Clouds and fog enveloped us all including mountains, rivers, moon, stars. Otherwise, I might have frozen in the disease of happiness. More happiness is not better for anyone.

Anyone can get sick after a happy illness. So, not after the disease of happiness, but with a little but really an unearthly remnant of unearthly happiness, I was back in my abode with a book of happy moonlight, the twinkling lights of the stars and the wonderful happiness of the silver river.


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