Green Valley Park Tour.

A ‘Green Valley Park’ has been set up at Lalpur in Natore for the convenience of a large number of entertainers and visitors.
The park has speedboats, paddle boats, bullet trains, mini trains, carousels, pirate ships, marigolds, honey swings, and more for recreation. There is also a beautiful lake spread over about thirty acres of land. You will be refreshed by the fragrant scent of the exotic flowers, the beauty of the picturesque lake, and the king of the waterway, that is, the speedboat.

Visitors can go to the park with a fixed entrance fee (TK. 50). There are also facilities for car parking. The park is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. However, this time changes with the change of seasons.



Lalpur can be easily reached by microbus, bus, and motorbike from any part of the country. Besides, the park can be seen only 12 km south of Abdulpur railway junction by rail. The distance of the park from Lalpur Sadar is only 2 kilometers.



Park Facilities: Picnic Spot, Shooting Spot, Adventure Rides, Concert & Playground, Own Power Facility, Proper Arrangement Of Prayers, Security Services, Decorator Facilities, Car Parking, Cafeteria, Shop Corner, Meeting-Seminar Venue, Accommodation Various benefits including system.
How to go:



* If you want to go directly by bus from Dhaka, you have to come to Bagha by Ishwardi-Bagha bus. Then you have to go to Lalpur with CNG, the fare is 20/25 TK per person.


* If you want to go from Rajshahi, you have to come to Bagha by Charghat-Bagha bus. Then you have to go to Lalpur with CNG, the fare is 20/25 rupees per person. It will take 2 hours to arrive.


* You can also go from Natore bypass. In that case, you have to go to Lalpur by renting a bus for 35 TK and then you can go to the park by renting a van for 10 TK.

* To get on the train, you have to get off at Abdulpur Bypass, then 12 km from there. You have to cross the road and go to Lalpur.


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