Hardinge Bridge is about 100 years old.

It is the longest in Bangladesh after the Jamuna Bridge
Bridge This was Bangladesh before the Jamuna Bridge
The longest bridge.
There are two ways to go here, different routes by bus or train
It is possible to go here but I think it is easy
What has happened is that if you go to Khulna by train, Ishwardi Junction
You have to get off and go by train to North Bengal
Get off the bypass and from there by auto bike or rickshaw.
Pakshi came to Ishwardi Bazaar by adding auto or rickshaw.
Or take a direct bus from Dhaka to Ishwardi Bazar and from there to Pakshi.
I bypassed Ishwardi by “Ekta Express”





I got down.
Needless to say, many people think it is in Kushtia district
Located but it is Ishwardi in Pabna district
Located in Pakshi union of the upazila.
Medium quality hotel in Ishwardi for accommodation
There you can spend the night.




It is an installation steeped in the history of Bangladesh
It was inaugurated in 1912, which means it is 108 years old.
And it is a very important bridge of Bangladesh Railway.
So it is our responsibility to maintain it and we request you not to throw any indigestible material like polythene or plastic bottles around it.


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