Harihar Fort, Nasik, Maharashtra.

Harihar fort trekking surrounded by Brahmagiri and Baitaran hills is one of the most terrifying trekking in Maharashtra. If you love thrilling adventures or are eager to see the hundred year old forts by trekking in the mountains, then the following is for you.
The reason why the trekking of Harihar fort is terrifying is because the 300 feet height of the 3.6 feet fort is very steep. The fort is located near Baitarna Dam, 13 km from Trimbakeshwar mountain. This fort has grooves like stone steps. There are 116 notched pocket-like steps. The two slopes from the ground to the top of the fort are about 90 degrees steep. The western slope is about 75 degrees steep. Above the fort are two separate rooms. At one time it was used as a kitchen. Nirgudpara village near the fort. From there you can reach the fort by following the road leading to the forest. Reaching the top of the fort, you can see the impossibly beautiful mountain range in the distance.




This place becomes more beautiful during the rainy season, but trekking on slippery ground is dangerous. So we went in January. It is wise not to come to this fort if you do not have enough courage. Because when you go up a steep rocky staircase, looking down can increase your heart rate.
The fort was surrounded by three groups of Marathas, Mughals and English. The famous Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji used this fort during the war with the Mughals. The fort was captured by the Mughals in 179. The Marathas later recaptured the fort. In 1818, the British captured the fort from the Marathas. If you are an adventure lover then this fort is inviting you with its amazing beauty. Fear of 90 steep hills Shirshi’s feeling and history is calling you.





How to go:
From Dhaka to Kolkata, then from Kolkata by train to Nasik or by plane to Mumbai. Later by train from Mumbai to Nasik. Harihar fort is 50 km away from Nasik. So you will come from Nashik to Trimbag. There are many hotels here. You can take a taxi from Trimbag to Harihar Fort, 13 km away. It will take a maximum of 1200 rupees as up and down.


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