Have you ever spent the night seeing the stars under the spacious sky?

Niladri, Takerghat, Sunamganj.

Have you ever spent the night watching the stars under the open sky? Also on the roof of the boat?
Ever had a full moon under the open sky, water all around, have you seen them lying on the boat ??





If you have seen it, you are very lucky, and if you have not seen it, I urge you to visit Niladri, Takerghat, Tanguar Haor once.
If you get a chance to see such a sunset in the afternoon to satisfy the hunger of the eyes by seeing different beauties all day long, what else does it take for peace of mind ?? Tell me ??






Name of the place: Niladri, Takerghat.

Go to Sunamganj by bus from Dhaka to Sunamganj. From there by Tahirapur CNG or bike.
Go to Tahirpur and get the boat to visit Tanguar Haor and other places. In this case, Bargain has to do well.
This beauty can be seen at some distance after reaching Takerghat by boat.

It was  3500 Tk per head.
There were 4 members in total.

The two-day boat fare is Tk 4,000, covering Haor, Watch Tower, Barek’s Tila, Tekerghat, Niladri, Jadukata River, Shimul Cotton Garden.

Our boatman was quite good, smart, hardworking, good at cooking. His boat is OK for 8-9 people in my opinion, but for a relaxed mood tour, I think a maximum of 4-5 people should not have trouble sleeping or sleeping, the boatman’s name is Lokman, faithful, hardworking, and smart.





His phone number: 01736447984 In addition to the above-mentioned places in his two-day package, Cooking, Bedding, Pillow, Included ||



# Suggestions:
* If there is a group of 4/5 people, the cost per head will be much less.

* After reaching Tahirpur, You will make Your own market, it is better not to rely on the Boatman.

* Don’t leave your valuables on the boat. Either keep things with you or stay at least one Person in a boat.

* Clear the conversation about food.


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