Here are some tips to help you prepare for the winter.

Although suitable for year-round travel, we usually prefer to travel in the winter. Schools and colleges are closed in winter so there is a holiday mood. And winter weather is also very suitable for travel. Various educational institutions save this time for study tours. It has become very common to have a picnic in the winter with everyone from the workplace for entertainment and peace of mind. Winter is really the time to start planning with the family where to go in the country or abroad.

Year after year, winter has come again. Many people are planning to travel a lot this winter. More important than where to travel is travel preparation. Good preparation before the trip will depend on how enjoyable the trip will be. In addition to preparing for the trip, you also need to think about what you need to know in advance while traveling. Here are some tips and tricks for preparing for a winter trip to make your trip more enjoyable this winter. At the same time, to make the travel preparation more perfect, there are some important basic preparations for travel.

Where to go:
Before going on a trip, the first thing to think about is where to go? Since you are going in winter, you have to think more about which places to travel for winter. The things to keep in mind when deciding where to go are, how long you are going to travel, what is your budget, sea, mountains, forests, haors, rivers, exactly which place do you prefer, with whom to take, where are the facilities? . Thinking about these things will get you to where you should go.

Where to stay:
Much of the joy of your trip depends on where you stay when you travel. You have to decide where to stay considering your budget, how many people you travel with, what kind of environment you want to live in, what kind of security system. No matter where you go, it is best to arrange your travel accommodation in advance. If this is not possible beforehand, then good research should be done. The holidays are crowded, hotel and motel rents are high, this thing must be kept in mind. Avoiding the holidays if possible will reduce the cost of many things.

Since you don’t have much time to go around, make a list of what you want to go around, what to see around it, where to go, when and what to do. This will save you time as well as you will be able to see the travel places there better. Take the news about the weather and law and order situation there, as well as collect information about the emergency phone numbers and location in advance. Such as- nearest police station (police), tourist police help desk number, hospital, health care center, residential hotel, bank etc. If there is any local acquaintance in the area, then take his or reference number. Try to communicate with the locals there as a result

Some tips:
. Take a cloth hat or cap with you to protect yourself from the sun. Sunglasses will work very well.

. Tight clothing should not be worn while traveling, it is better to wear loose clothing as much as possible.

. Travel clothing must be heat-insulating, quick-drying, and resistant to harmful rays.

. The place, environment and culture of travel should be kept in mind while choosing clothes.

. Children’s clothes, shoes can be taken in a separate bag.

. Pay extra attention to the shoes. Comfortable sneakers are good. Girls should not use heel shoes.

. Take extra bathing clothes if you go to the river, fountain or sea.







Device Tips:
. You can keep a torch light and extra battery with you, you may need it at any time.

. The biggest problem with smartphones these days is running out of charge, so taking a power bank with you will come in handy.

. Don’t forget to fully charge the devices whenever you have time and opportunity.

. If you go to the mountains, the sea or the haor, you can keep binoculars with you.

. If possible you can take a three pin flag and converter with you.

Some tips on eating and drinking

. You can always keep some dry food with you.

. If you have any traditional local food, you can try it.

. When buying wrapped foods in remote areas, keep an eye on the expiration date and of course the manufacturing.

. You should not take more than one meal at a time as the whole meal brings laziness in the body which is not desirable while traveling.

. Fibrous and sugary foods should be taken for breakfast. May contain low-fat yogurt, fruit foods, boiled eggs, tea and coffee.

. At lunch we are accustomed to eating heavy meals. So the food should be less spicy, cooked in oil moderately, easily digestible. In this case, it is better to avoid the folded-burnt menu.

. Dinner should be high in nutrients and easy to digest to recharge the body at the end of the day.

. Avoid fast food items, beverages, flavored juices, chips, etc. in travel meals. You can eat native fruits instead.

. Put more foods on the menu instead of fried foods.







Always keep with you
. Keep with a bottle of water. Refill this bottle of water from restaurant or hotel.

. Always carry a copy of the national identity card.

. Keep with you photocopies of important papers like driving license, passport and even credit card.

. Keep some extra money with you.

Some more travel tips:
. When the people of the house are staying in which hotel

Let them know, let them know their phone number too. You can also save the car number while traveling and let someone you know know. You can also post on Facebook.

. Collect advance information about the emergency phone number and location of the place you are going to visit.

. There is no guarantee that everything will be fine on the tour. Even if you don’t want to, you may face unwanted problems. It is better to prepare in advance how to handle them.

. Be sure to take a photocopy of your national identity card, as many hotels do not offer rooms without an NID copy. Of course keep doing more than one.

. Make a plan of what to do throughout the day on the tour. It will save some time throughout the day, you will be fairly prepared for all kinds of situations.

. If you want to save on travel expenses as well as ensure safety, you can go on a trip in a traveling group or group of friends.

. Be a little careful about where you are parking the car, because if the thieves understand the tourist car, the risk of theft is higher.

. Find out about the place before you go on a trip. Learn about the security arrangements as well as the accommodation and meals.

. When driving away, check to see if there are any problems. Extra wheels must be kept in the car.

. Thinking it’s cold in winter, so you don’t need sunscreen? Wrong! The winter sun also causes equal damage to our skin. Sunscreen should also be taken in winter.
Take extra bags and shoes.

. Go on a trip at a time when there are fewer tourists, not just during the travel season. The winter closing season at the end of the year is considered to be the most suitable season for travel. You can go at any time without going at this time.

. If the house is left empty, you must take extra security measures at your own risk.

. Read the travel documents carefully before going on a trip. Find out where you are going. Find out about the weather there. Book in advance by selecting the hotel or resort to stay.

. You can give status on Facebook, Twitter, blog about going on a trip. As a result, you don’t just have to let everyone know if you have a friend in the area who can help.

. You can use wheeled bags while traveling. It will be convenient to carry and will take less trouble.

. Write the name, address and phone number on a piece of paper and put it inside the luggage. For those who are traveling, write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each member on a piece of paper.

. Wherever you are traveling, take the help of a guide if necessary. When arranging a trip through a travel agency, do all the research in advance.

. Bags (Travel Bags) are now available for purchase in the market. Choose the bag according to your choice and need.

. Make sure you don’t leave any luggage when you get out of any vehicle. Do not rush to get off.

. Money bags, credit cards be careful. Don’t keep all the money in your wallet but keep some money elsewhere. Write your address on a card. If someone loses the bag, there will be a chance to get it back.

. Need to drink pure water. Food cannot be eaten in an open healthy environment.

. Drink saline water for diarrhea and vomiting. Use a scarf on the head, it will protect the hair and skin from being rough

. Eat moderately and drink enough water.

. Do not stay out of the hotel after dusk or late at night. Especially when traveling with family. Of course keep an eye on the children.

. Beware of strangers when traveling.
So all the preparations for the trip are over, come back in the winter from the place of your choice. Hopefully our travel preparations will make your trip more enjoyable. Happy traveling.


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