Hilly district Bandarban.

Ideal place for lovers of leisure, pleasure travel and adventure. Tourist city Bandarban is a hilly district. Come to this hilly district whenever you get a chance in the midst of various activities of mechanical life. Where 11 small ethnic groups live. It is as if nature has arranged the sweetness of your mind. So if you want to touch the natural beauty wrapped in green, the unobstructed greenery and the clouds, come back to Bandarban, the hill girl.





# Golden Temple:
The location of the Golden Temple at Pool Para in Balaghata, a suburb of Bandarban, is known as Mahasukh Mandir or Buddhist Dhatu Jadi. Although the name is Golden Temple, there are no gods and goddesses made of gold. It is now known as the Golden Temple for its golden color. Its distance from Bandarban district headquarters is 4 kilometers. A beautiful pagoda built on the top of a high mountain. It is a holy place of pilgrimage for Buddhists.






Many Buddhists from home and abroad come here to see and pray. Buddha Dhatu Jadi, one of the largest in Bangladesh and one of the largest in South Asia, has been dubbed the Golden Temple. Here are some of the best Buddha statues in the world built in the contemporary of Gautama Buddha. This pagoda is one of the best in Southeast Asia. On this high hill there is a small pond with water called Devata pond.
At present the Golden Temple is considered as one of the tourist spots in Bandarban district. It is a significant place of worship for Buddhists. It is modeled on Buddhist temples in Myanmar, China and Thailand. On a trip to Bandarban, you can also see this Jadi or Golden Temple with your own eyes. This pagoda offers a beautiful view of the Balaghata suburb of Bandarban and its environs. This pagoda is a symbol of modern religious architecture. The fair is held here at a specific time every year. This pagoda is open for priests all day long. Entrance fee is 30 rupees per person. You have to pay 20-40 TK for road toll.





# Marginal_ lake:
Artificial reservoir marginal lake created over an area of ​​about 25 acres. Although the area of ​​the marginal lake is 25 acres, the whole complex is much larger. A huge lake of 25 acres surrounded by hills covering an area of ​​8 acres which is bigger than Boga Lake. This lake is named as Marginal Lake as it is located at one end of the district. This beautiful lake is full of various species of plants. It is known as one of the most tempting places for picnics everywhere. It is located at Haludia on the Bandarban-Keranihat road. Its distance from the main road is 5 km.
The distance of Prantik Lake from Bandarban district headquarters is 14 kilometers. The lake has open terraces, picnic spots, restrooms and a high round house. The beauty of the lake can be easily enjoyed sitting in a round room. The blue water of the lake and the green forest on the banks have created a different dimension here. The cool shade of the trees and the fresh air will make you forget all your fatigue. If you want, you can fish in the water of the lake, but with the permission of the authorities. That would be an extra debt for you. In addition, the family can go around with their relatives in a paddle boat. Entrance fee is 20 TK per person.






The Meghla Tourist Center is located on the Bandarban-Keranihat road at the entrance of Bandarban town. The Meghla tourist area is located 5 km before entering the Bandarban district town. Meghla has a variety of recreational facilities – zoo, children’s park, safari park, paddle boat, cable car, open stage and tea garden. Here you can see the green nature, the clear water of the lake and the breathtaking view of Bandarban playing with the waves on the top of the hill. A cloudy tourist center has sprung up around a lake surrounded by several high and low hills. Dense green trees and the clear water of the lake are constantly drawing tourists closer to nature. Entrance fee is 50 rupees per person. And if you want to get on the cable car, it will cost 40 TK per person.





# Nilachal:
Nilachal tourist center located on a hill about two thousand feet high near the city of Bandarban. Nilachal is located in the Tiger Para area, just 5 km away from the city. Somewhere on the slopes of the wide horizon, the winding roads, the hilly neighborhoods and the silver rivers are like paintings by an artist. The whole city of Bandarban can be seen at a glance from this hill. Sunrise and sunset can be seen from here too.
Many people call the Nilachal hill area a paradise. Especially the sunset scene in Nilachal brings heavenly feeling to our mind. In this place rain, autumn or autumn — clouds can be touched in three seasons. After leaving the city and walking for about three kilometers on the way to Chittagong, a small road on the left hand side turned into Nilachal. In this way you have to reach about two kilometers up the hill. Sometimes a small neighborhood on both sides of the road can be seen living in a small ethnic group.
A few new places have recently been created for tourists in Nilachal. A few more restrooms have been built at the bottom, starting from the ‘hanging sapphire’ next to the ticket house. Notable among these are ‘Nebula’ and ‘Valentine’ points. These places are arranged on the slopes of the hills. One is completely different from the other. The view of the hill in front is also different from one place to another. However, the beauty of the original Nilachal is much more. From here you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains better.
An additional attraction of Nilachal is the resort here. Name Nilachal Scape Resort. Sunshine in this place for ordinary tourists





Permission granted. However, this place is always open for the guests of the resort. Entrance fee is 50 rupees per person. You have to pay 30-60 TK for road toll.






Milnachhari falls 3 km south-east of Bandarban town on the way to Shailprapat or Chimbuk. There is a police outpost here. Standing on the side of the road at the very top of the hill, you can see the unobstructed green game at the eastern end and the enchanting river called Sangu flowing in a spiraling motion through the green nature.





# Chimbuk:
Chimbuk hill is located 28 km from Bandarban district town. It is about 25 hundred feet above sea level. The view of the hills on both sides of the road to Chimbuk is very beautiful. On the way, Sangu river falls in sight. When you go through the highest road of Bangladesh in the middle of the mountains, you will feel that you are crossing the moon by car. Standing at an altitude of 2500 feet, you will see this amazing natural scenery in Chimbu.
Standing on the hill, you will see the raft of clouds floating down. In the rainy season, looking at the clouds floating along the side of the hill, it seems that Chimbuk is the paradise of clouds. As Chimbuk is located in the remote hilly area of ​​Thanchi Road, no hotel or restaurant has been built here. There is a resthouse under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner. There is an opportunity to spend the night with the permission of the Deputy Commissioner. Entrance fee is 20 TK per person.






# Rock Falls:
Shail Prapat is located 6 km from Bandarban Ruma Road. It is a marvelous creation of natural beauty. The icy water of the fountain is flowing here all the time. The water of this fountain is very clear. Although the view of this waterfall can be seen during the rainy season, it is very difficult to get down to the waterfall. Most of the year is full of domestic and foreign tourists. Due to the location of the cliff on the side of the road, a large number of tourists can be seen here. Here you will be greeted by the Bum young women of the indigenous Bum community nestled in the lap of inaccessible mountains. From here you can buy various products made by the indigenous people.








# Eucalyptus:
If you want to fulfill the desire to touch the sky, you have to go to the Nilgiris of Bandarban. If you go to Nilgiris, the sky will come and catch you in your hands. White clouds float in the blue sky above the head in the Nilgiri hills. This Nilgiris is a land of great beauty. Bandarban is called the Darjeeling of Bangladesh because of the Nilgiris. Winter and monsoon are the two seasons that make traveling here so much fun. However, traveling in the rainy season is more fun. Because at this time the day goes by just watching the amazing dance of the clouds.
For those who like adventure, Nilgiris at night can be a great place. On the way to Nilgiris you can see the immense beautiful cliffs of Bandarban. Nilgiri is located on a hilltop 48 km away from the district headquarters. Nilgiri is a unique gift of nature.







There are several Mro tribal villages near the Nilgiris. Kapru Para, very close to the Nilgiris, you can easily visit and learn about the Mro tribe. There is a camp of Bangladesh Army in Nilgiris. As a result, there is no shortage of security here. Army members will extend a helping hand in any of your needs. Three cottages with all facilities for tourists named Akash Neela, Meghdoot, Nilatana have been built at Nilgiri tourist center in the remote hills. The cottages are rented for overnight stays. There are also two restaurants here. After crossing the hilly path and reaching Nilgiris, you can eat at the restaurant. Entrance fee is 50 rupees per person. And for parking you have to pay 100-400 TK.




Vehicles of several transport companies leave for Bandarban every day from different parts of Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban by taking any one of the buses like Shyamli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Saint Martins Transport. These buses leave Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul for Bandarban from 10 pm to 11:30 pm. Non-AC bus fare is 720-850 rupees per person. AC 950-1500 TK.



It will cost 2500-3000 TK to visit the Golden Temple, Nilachal, Prantik Lake and Meghla.
Nilgiri, Shailprapat, Milnachhari and Chimbuk will cost around Rs. 5500 (according to the package).



# Food:
Tajingdong Restaurant, Feast Restaurant, Kalapata Restaurant are quite good for food. You will be able to eat three meals in the morning, noon and night.

Bandarban has numerous resorts, hotels, motels and resthouses. Where you can spend the night for 800 to 3 thousand TK.





Holiday Inn Resort: Holiday Inn Resort on the top of a small hill opposite the Meghla Tourist Complex. There are many small cottages here. Phone-0361-62898.

Hillside Resort: Milnachhari is located at a distance of 5 km from Bandarban-Chimbuk road. There is a good arrangement for spending the night in an improved environment. Mobile-01556539022.









Hotel Four Star: Hotel Forster is located in Bandarban city. There are two types of rooms, AC and non-AC. There is a television in every room of the hotel. Phone-0361-6247.
Hotel Three Star: It is located next to Bandarban bus stop. The Nilgiri car is released from the front of the hotel. It is a flat with 4 beds that can accommodate 8/10 people. Each non-AC flat – 2500 TK, AC – 3000 TK. Phone: 01553421069/017132831.








Hotel River View: Hotel River View has developed in the natural environment around the Sangu river in the district town. It also has its own restaurant. Phone-0361-62606.
You can stay at Nilachal Scape Resort if you want. The Nilachal Scape Resort has six rooms in three cottages. The rent of each room is 3 thousand rupees. Authorities also provide good quality food for the guests of the resort. Contact: 01777765789.

You can also stay at Hotel Hill View (Phone: 01726000), Hotel Hilton (Phone: 0174628111) which is right next to the bus stand.






# Plan:
– On the first day, go down to Bandarban and check in at the hotel. Breakfast will fill the stomach. Then go straight to the Golden Temple. Then the marginal lake. After spending some time in a beautiful environment surrounded by greenery and clear water in the middle, you will go to the clouds. There you will sit on the hanging bridge and hang out. Then Nilachal will leave. Will continue to enjoy the mountains until sunset.

– On the second day in the morning (this is 7-8 o’clock what else) will leave for Nilgiris after having breakfast. On the way you will find Milanchari. Seeing the murmur of the Sangu River flowing there, you will take the hilly road to the Nilgiris, the kingdom of clouds. Mitali with Meghbalika and Meghbalak will return to Chimbuk hill after playing water sports. This time you will go straight to the tribal village after seeing the combination of hills with hills. If possible, listen to a couple of mountain songs and go for a selfie and take pictures by the murky water of the cliff.

Keep your body healthy, look around the country! The mind will be healthy 🙂

Never lose hope, never stop traveling. 🙂


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