Himalayan daughter Panchagarh.

Panchagarh is the northernmost district of Bangladesh. It is also a small district.
There are 5 upazilas in Panchagarh district and almost all the upazilas have something or other.
1 ★ Atwari Upazila: It is located 22 km away from Panchagarh district town.
There are Chabagan, Mirzapur Shahi Mosque, Bar Auliya Mazar, Swiss Gate. There is also a month-long centenary fair in December.





2 ★ Boda  Another upazila of Panchagarh is Boda. There are some ancient temples here and there are not many.
3 ★ Debiganj: There is an ancient Kali Mandir in this upazila and there are also litchi and mango orchards.
4 ★ Panchagarh Sadar Upazila: There is a stone museum here which is known as Rocks Museum. It is under the care of Mahila College. Besides, there are some chabagans and an ancient dighi and inner room.
5: Tetulia Upazila This upazila can be reached directly from Panchagarh and Dhaka.






From here you can see Kanchenjunga, which is surrounded on three sides by the Indian border. To its north is a historic post bungalow in the Darjeeling district upazila of India. Its construction technique is a lot of Victorian style. It is known that it was built by the king of Cooch Behar. The post bungalow is managed by the district council. Besides, Tentulia Upazila Parishad has constructed a picnic spot. Since the two places are located side by side, it is playing a greater role in beautification. The relationship between these two places is like the back and forth of a coin. Dakbungalows and picnic spots are located on the banks of the river Mahananda, about 15 to 20 meters above the common ground, on a high average near the border of India (i.e., India as soon as the river is crossed).






If you stand on the verandah of Dakbanglo, you will see the unobstructed beauty of India-Bangladesh. From there one can enjoy the beauty of Kanchenjunga in autumn and winter. During the monsoon season, the form of Mahananda increases a lot. Besides, there are many tea gardens and Bangla Bandha Zero Point.






How to get there: You can go directly to all the upazilas from Dhaka by bus. Besides, there is bus connection with Panchagarh from all over the country. You can go to other upazilas by bus or Mahendra from the district town.
Dhaka to Panchagarh train service has been launched for several months.
Where to stay: There are arrangements to stay in all the upazilas including the district cities. You will get many good hotels for between 200-1000 TK.
Food: Food prices are very low in this district.
The best time to travel is September 6 to December.
Then visit Himalaya Kanya Panchagarh at least once without delay.
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Later I will appear in front of you with Thakurgaon district given my tour.


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