Himalayan daughter Panchagarh.

Many people do not want to believe that the Himalayas can be seen from Panchagarh, in fact you will never believe if you do not see it with your own eyes.

In my previous post, many people said that the pictures are edited, and even if they are seen, they don’t look as good as the camera pictures.
I will tell them, brothers, it looks better than a camera, because the best camera in the world is your eyes.





My pictures were taken on mobile, so it was not so good.
The pictures that I have given this time have been captured on camera by our elder brother, an internationally renowned photographer whom everyone knows as a photographer, whose picture has also got a place in National Geographic, who is also the son of Kritisantha of Panchagarh district.
There is nothing new to say to those who know him. And if you don’t believe my pictures, you can go to #Firoz_Al_Sabah brother’s profile and see.
Here are some pictures taken on my own mobile with a picture of Fizo’s brother.






The Himalayas can be seen from Panchagarh in Bangladesh, but it will depend on the fate of the weather. Since it is located far above the clouds, all you need to see is a cloudless sky and clear weather.
The weather is bad so you can’t go to Nepal and see the Himalayas.

Every day thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to Tiger Hill in India to see the summit of Kanchenjunga. At dawn, the sun falls on Kanchenjunga and the sun falls on the eyes of the tourist.
Tiger Hill in Darjeeling is the most ideal place to see the summit of Kanchenjunga. But what if you could see that scene without a passport visa? Yes, there is such an opportunity.






Kanchenjunga can be seen from Tentulia, the last upazila in the north of Bangladesh. Seen quite well from mid-October.
Due to the weather, Kanchenjunga can be seen from Tentulia in Panchagarh district at the foothills of the Himalayas in winter. When the weather is good, it can be seen very clearly.






In the picture below I see the dark hill between the paddy fields of Tentulia and Kanchenjunga দেখা the town of Siliguri on the other side of the hill. At night, the light of Siliguri can be seen clearly from Tentulia. The light you see in the picture is the light of the city of Siliguri, very close.
Darjeeling on the other side of the hill. The main attraction for those who visit Darjeeling is the first twinkling of the sun at dawn on the snow-covered Kanchenjunga!






Sadab Mostafa, who recently visited Tentulia, says, ‘I woke up at 5:30 in the morning! I woke up and saw only light! But there are clouds in the sky. I thought I can not see the mountains! But at 8:10 in the morning, Kanchenjunga is waking up again! After a while the clouds pushed the sun out a little Kanchenjunga turned red again! This time I took pictures like peace. I felt lucky to see Kanchenjunga for two days. ‘

Tiger Hill can be seen in the early hours of the morning, but Kanchenjunga is not seen from Tentulia so early in the morning. When the sun’s rays start to shine from 8 am, Kanchenjunga becomes clear. It can be seen quite well till 10 am. Then Kanchenjunga slowly began to blur. On the last afternoon, when the sun’s rays fall again on the iceberg, Kanchenjunga becomes impeccably beautiful.

The peak of Kanchenjunga is not often seen due to the excess water vapor in the vicinity of the Himalayas and the foggy terrain of Darjeeling.

There are direct buses from Dhaka to Tentulia. Or you can go as far as Panchagarh. There are various tea gardens in Tentulia. There are not many tourist places, but there is a beautiful rural area and natural beauty, which will fascinate you. As it is not a tourist area, there are no hotels or motels, but there are government and private post bungalows. It is better to contact in advance.


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