Home opportunities in Japan for three lakh rupees for Bangladeshis.

Japan is concerned about declining population. The country has already started the process of recruiting manpower from outside. About 6 million houses have been abandoned due to the population crisis.
There are no people to take care of 6 million abandoned houses. As a result, no government revenue is coming from there. Huge amount of resources is being wasted. As a result, Japan has decided to sell them.



The houses will be sold at a nominal price. The Japanese government has decided to sell the houses mainly to maintain them and keep the tax from there regularly.

These houses will be sold online soon. The country has already started the process. Detailed information will be released later by the Japanese government. However, there is no requirement to be a Japanese citizen to buy a home online. Anyone from any country in the world can buy that house.





There are different types of houses there. Some homes can only be purchased with the necessary taxes and agent commissions. In the case of well-maintained houses or luxurious bungalows, the price will be 3 lakh to 1 crore 26 lakh in Bangladeshi currency.

However, the Japanese government will provide subsidies if they need money to repair the houses after buying them. Such an announcement has been made by the government.


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