How and why to go to Nijhum Island ??

Why go to Nijhum Island?

If you go to Nijhum Island, you can see together

The beach
Phil of St. Martin on the other side of the island
Mangrove forest in the Sundarbans
Nijhum Island National Park
Seeing deer herds
And with that there is a lot of natural scenery.

How to go to Nijhum Island
There are many routes to Nijhum Island. Notable among them are:




By road:
If he wants to travel to Nijhum Island from any part of Bangladesh, if he starts his journey from Dhaka or Chittagong, he must first come to Noakhali Headquarters Maijdi Sonapur by road. There are also some residential hotels. Buses and baby taxis are available from Sonapur every half an hour. From Sonapur, Charbata 4th Steamer Ghat runs daily from Bayarchar Chairman Ghat to Sea-Truck / Injil powered trawler Nalchi Ghat, or to Tamruddi Ghat or Charchengo Ghat. Sea truck takes one and a half to two hours by river. Sea truck fare will be 50 rupees and 75 rupees. From Nalchira Ghat you have to come by bus or baby taxi to Hatia Headquarters Ochkhali Bazaar. The distance from Nalchira to Ochkhali is 13 km. The bus fare is 20 TK, baby taxi is 30 TK per person.




On the other hand, those who will leave for Charchengar Sea Truck will have to come and get off at Tamruddi Ghat. The distance from Tamruddi Ghat to Hatiyar Headquarters Ochkhali is 6 km. Baby or rickshaw fare is Rs. 20 per rickshaw. It takes half an hour.



Hatia Ochkhali Headquarters Accommodation Local Rest House or Upazila Dak Bungalow, Red Crescent Roads and Highways and Island Development Agency have improved rest houses. And tourists can get to Singapore Rest House / Taluk Rest House, Hotel Prince and Salma Rest House. You have to stay at the rest house and plan your trip the next day. To reach Nijhum Island in New Delhi, one can go from Hatia Headquarters to Nijhum Island Tourist Center and Recreation Spot by engine driven trawler from Tamruddi Ghat by river. Tourists can hire a baby taxi from Tamruddi if they wish for 400-600 TK. At present, it is safe to travel by road to Nijhum Island in less time and for less money.



By river:
From Dhaka:
The three-storied launch with modern facilities left Dhaka Sadarghat at 5 pm and reached Hatia Tamarddi Ghat at 8:30 am the next day. The fare is Rs.150 for ordinary passengers, Rs.400 to Rs.600 for cabin passengers or a little less. Another similar launch from Tamarddi Ghat started its journey towards Sadar Ghat in Dhaka at 12:30 pm and reached at 5:00 am the next morning.


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