How many names of one mosque.

Chamchika Mosque:

A huge lake inside a mango orchard near the border of Shahbazpur in Chapainawabganj. Dighi is called Khaniyadighi by some, Khanjanadighi by others. Once upon a time, the water of this lake was reddish in color, hence the name. Inside the garden adjacent to the lake is a low-lying mosque, about five hundred years old, which the locals call the Chamchika Mosque. The elders of the area said that they have been seeing the mosque covered with huge bushes since their childhood. Inside the broken structure were thousands of tweezers. That is why people used to call it Chamchika Mosque. Finally, during the Ershad government, the Department of Archeology renovated the mosque. Prayers have been going on here ever since. The walls of the mosque are very thick. According to the elders of the area, this is the reason why the interior of the mosque is cold even in the heat of the month of Chaitra. The name of the builder of the mosque was not known.






So four names of this same mosque were found: Khaniyadighi Mosque, Khanjandighi Mosque, Rajbibi Mosque and Chamchika Mosque.





How to get there: Kansat by bus from Dhaka. Sona Masjid Border by van from Kansat. Then walk inside the mango orchard to Chakchika Mosque


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