How to get to DB Haor, Jaintapur, Sylhet.

Last year I saw a picture of this place on a website and I made a plan in my mind that I will try to come here this year. The shuffler season has just ended here when I look at the picture. So there was no way but to wait a year. In this country, however, there is no shortage of shuffler bills However, for those who like to travel, there are two places in the country that are very popular for seeing water lilies. One in a village called Shatla in Wazirpur, Barisal, the other in Jaintapur in Sylhet. Shatla has water lilies in monsoon and Jaintapur has winter.




I have been going to Jaintapur for some time as soon as winter comes. Just then I got an invitation to batchmate-colleague’s wedding in Sylhet. I did not want to be foolish to miss such an opportunity. Finally, after attending the wedding on the 15th of December, I left in the early morning of the 16th of December, 42 km from Sylhet. In distant Jaintapur. There were 4 more people with him. Just beyond the Jaintapur Bazaar along the Sylhet-Tamabil road, a signboard can be seen on the right hand side where DB’s Haor Special BGB Camp is written. One km along that road. As soon as you go, you will see DB’s haor which is full of lakhs of water lilies. The place is right on the Bangladesh-India border. So the mountains of Meghalaya have multiplied the beauty of the place. This is where DB’s Haor sets itself apart from Shatla.




The memory of Raja Ram Singh of Jainta kingdom is enshrined in this Haor of DB. He was drowned in this haor. In the middle of the haor stands a nearly 200-year-old dilapidated temple with the memory of Raja Ram Singh.

Shapla stays in DB’s haor for about 3/4 months. You will meet this amazing beauty in November-January. But for this you have to go very early in the morning. When the sunlight falls on the shuffler, the petals of the flowers slowly close.

It can be reached in an hour from Sylhet. We left Sylhet at 8 am and reached DB’s Haor around 8 am. If you go between 9.00-9.30, you will see the awake shuffler. They go to sleep but can’t call anymore.





You can go around Haor by boat. If you can, you must get on the boat. The rent will be 300 TK per hour. This rent is fixed by the upazila administration. 6/7 people can get up easily in a medium size boat.

How to go-
Sylhet from anywhere in Bangladesh.
From Sylhet to Sylhet-Tamabil route by bus / Laguna, shortly after Jaintapur, get off at the DB Haor sign. The rent will be 40-50TK per person. It takes about 1 hour. If you reserve CNG from Sylhet, the return fare will be around 1000 TK. We went to reserve CNG. CNG is available for 1500 TK for the whole day.


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